Gallery of remarkable comments

i live out in the boonies, so there’s a lot of hills- steep hills. NEway, i was riding past this one house, and heard some kids playing in the back yard(4-5 year olds), which i thought was nice, until i heard some buy shout “HOLY ST!!! THAT KID’S RIDING A FKIN UNICYCLE DOWN THAT HILL!!! THAT KID’S A FKIN BADS!!” i thougt it was a little less nice after that.

Here’s my collection:

“Dude, your bike’s missin’, like, a lot of stuff man.”

“Are you a clown?”

“I would SOOO fall on my a$$!!” (gotten that one four times)

“Another one?!?!”

“Do people make you ride that?”

“You weren’t planning on having kids were you?”

I was riding home from our club meeting and I was taking the giraffe home too, so I was holding it by the seat, and pushing it in front of me. Kinda looked like I was riding a chopper, if you can picture that. I got:


“He thinks he has a bike.”

“Hey man, your bike…umm…whoa…”

“Hey f****ng idiot!!! What’re you doin’!!!”

Then a few weeks ago;
him–“Man, unicycle is trash.”
me–“Excuse me?”
him–“Can’t you do anything else on it?” (i was hopping stairs)
him–“Do a backflip?”
At that point, I rode away.

My daughter (5 years old) asked me if I was going out on my “suicycle”.

I rather liked that.

There was a shirt on ebay with a unicycle and below it it said suicycle" I thought it was pretty funny

I often ride at night at the University of Texas and am usually recognized as “that unicycle guy”.

I really am surprised at how many people ask me if I am drunk or high when I ride, as if that makes it easier.

I had a bum try to ride it and then declare “I probably shouldn’t do this when I’m high, support michael jackson!”.

I was down at College Station and unsurprisingly multiple aggies asked me how I would hold my beer.

lol ,you should get a clamp on drink holder … haha.
(waste band drink holders dont count… hehe)

My 3year old cousin calls it a Loonicycle

i had that from a ten/eleven/twelve? (around that age) year old.

i was pushing my uni and giraffe ‘chopper’ style back to the car after a gig when a guy walking past remarked to his friend that ‘that guy needs a welding machine’


No negative comments.Many comments associating unicycycling with a circus but… very friendly.
Several admiring comments of the some kind, from kids and grown up…‘I would never be able to ride it…!’ To which I was reposting…‘Untrue. You have not tired it, as yet’.:slight_smile:

Today i had a teacher give me the “where’s your other wheel?” line, which i just kind of chuckled off and said something like “haha, you mean the training wheel?”

But then he started asking me lots of genuine questions like “do they normally have big fat tires like that?” so I told him about trials and Muni, just gave him as much informations as the elevator ride would allow. It was kind of cool.

“50 dollar fine if you ride that there!”

-Some cops on the Penn campus, citing a “Walk Bicycles” sign on a walkway. They insisted, and I needed to get to class, so I was forced to get off and walk out of sight before getting back on again.

The best one i ever got was from a kid walking with his dad and he asked his dad. “Can he do that?”

I assume he was questioning wether or not what i was doing is physically possible, but i’m still not sure.

Not having been a cyclist before learning the uni, I have come across some biking jargon that I’ve had to work out.
So, when a young lad on a mountain BMX asked, “Do you stack that much?” I was trying to work out why I’d need to have stackable unis. I now know he meant, “Do you crash a lot?”

Other than that, I’m still looking forward to comments worthy of reporting.

Riding a KH24 with the Duro 3" wide tire we have receaved “Did you get that tire off a dirt bike?” from at least 5 people. Is that common?

I have been asked that once with my 3" Gazz

  • Old man "Have you got brakes?" Me on 29er "No" Old man in concerned tone "Will you be OK?" Me as I embark towards a long steep hill "Yeah"
  • During the Day-Night Thriller mountain bike/unicycle race, I was passed by a mountainbiker who enthusiastically said "You're my messiah!"

I got a question I wasn’t expecting the other day, while riding my Coker.

“Why arn’t you juggling”

Before I got my Coker, I would ride my 20" through the neighborhood while juggling 3 clubs. Once I learned how to it I sort of lost interest.

My answer was.

“I’m just lazy, I guess”

I was coming back from a 6 mile ride.

"hey look he’s to cheap to buy a b*ke:p "

even though my unicycles cost more then his crummy MTN B*ike :roll_eyes: "


dude, i run more than that every day.