Gallery of remarkable comments

There are several ‘gallery’ threads in Just Conversation, but I think
this new one is on topic and should be here. This thread is meant as a
place to collect funny, unique, humorous, nasty or otherwise
remarkable comments. Include your comeback if appropriate.

Last weekend I was riding a bumpy grass field on my KH24 and two
teenage boys watched as they walked the other way (on a footpath). One
of them said

Hey mister, you’ve got a cool tyre!

Hadn’t heard that one before. I had no other response handy than Oh,
thank you. It was a Duro Leopard 24 x 3".

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“The more you think, the less you have to do. - Leo Vandewoestijne”

Riding past a repairs garage the other day I had the usual…“hur hur hur, you’ve lost a wheel mate” However he had a mate who was slightly more original…he shouted “Would you like us to do your tracking?.”

I was quite impressed with the originality of that one.


When riding the other week at the top of a local wooded hill I stopped to let a guy past with his dog and he commented “that looks like a bugger up here” to which I replied “I enjoy it”. Then it dawned on me how my reply really wasn’t the best :astonished: though to be fair it’s not a comment I had expected.

I was riding downtown one time and I was doing some trialsy stuff, and there was a group of people across the street and I heard a five or six year old girl ask “Is he training for the circus?” I thought that was pretty good.


I was riding down a mountain trail overlooking the city,and there was a lot of hikers with the usual dumb comments,then a lady and her husband walked by,and she said "What,a mountain bike’s too easy for you?

It was pretty good.

My mother was walking the dog and I was unicycling next to her. A young boy, say six years old, walked by and loudly commented on us: “Nice dog! Good tire balance!”

Once while I was pushing my MUni up to the top of a hill near my house, a guy I new vaguely asked:

                "is that one of those one-legged bikes?"

Although remarkable and original, it is a really stupid question.

I have also been asked:

              "Hey Rick, is it true that you ride a unicorn?"

“is that easy …?” from a constuction worker.

“If it were easy , you’d be doing it right …?” I replied.

“Hey! take it easy !” He defensively replied … :slight_smile:

2 days ago I was on my way to the P.O.

This guy stopped in the middle of the street directly in my path about 5 feet from me.
(purpously to watch me fall or something)
He put his hands on his hips and said …

“look a unicycle !”

I leaned forward and hit the gas… hehe

I rammed him.
He had to put his hands out to stop me from running him over. :smiley:

“That’s what you wanted …? wasn’t it …?”

(most people get out of my way , and I was in no mood to go around him)

The other day someone asked how hi I could jump my unicorn.


“That kid is riding a tire!”-littel girl.

“That bike is so gettho”-Kid wearing a do-rag

lady1-“that looks hard” lady2-“But it has a banana seat, i bet that helps him balence”

“He took a moutian bike fork, stuck a seat in it and put on a dirt bike tire!”-Reacting to my muni with 24x3 Gazz

This evening - “Where can I get one?!?”

Doppler-shifted answer - “……”

(Disclamer - Her “oooohhh - Cool!” reply was probably due to the stunning internet tip, or my suave good looks, or the subtly-Zappa graphics on my tee-shirt, and not due to shock at the doppler shift. I was only going 1.5 mph.)

Out walking the dog i approached a lady and her two small boys, as i rode past one of the boys said: “Look a dog, on a mocacycle”

Also I was out for a ride in the hills and again I rode past a lady and some small kids and the lady said: “Look, he’s just like sponge bob”

I have had one VERY bad response once, as I was out unicycling this 13 yr old girl rode past on a scooter, she shouted something like “hey ya fkin Maori* can’t ya afford a real bike" Then she crashed into a garden so i said something like “cant you even ride a scooter” we continued having a rather heated argument until her parents walked past and she kept shouting rather abusive language towards me, later she saw me again so turned to here parents and said "look its the fkin maori*” her parents just kept walking, what a$$holes.

  • Maoris are like the native New Zealanders, people often joke about them being poor, black etc etc


I’m attending Western Michigan University this fall, as a freshman. I was a little nervous to ride on a campus of about 27,000. I can’t believe the great responses I’ve gotten. I ride during the night on main campus, too. The reason I do this, is because I try to avoid riding near too many people. I don’t get the riding done that I want to when I get requests to do everything on my trials cycle, including backflips–which for some reason people think are possible.

So far I’ve had five clown comments. I always tell people that I didn’t learn how to ride trials, my sport, my art to be compared to a place that usually displays unicycling as a cheap joke.

“Is that thing hard to ride”–“Hardest thing you’ll ever learn how to do. But, it’s easier than walking for me (riding on flat, anyway).”

I always make sure I stop and talk to each person that asks me something. Sometimes people try to ride it. If any of you on campus know what’s good for you, don’t let drunks at 10pm try to ride it down the hallways in the dorms.

“How much did that thing cost? A hundred?”–“Haha, way more than that–$1300”

“Can you ride that thing?” I love that the best “Nah, I just walk around with it. I find it’s better to pretend.”

I always forget what I do, Urban Unitrials, is “weird”. I think nothing of it when I’m out riding.

“Holy crap that’s dangerous” as I drop from a four foot high, five inch wide ledge that I rode twenty feet down.

“You’re the uni pimp”

“You’re my hero” I’ve gotten this twice.

“Doesn’t that hurt your balls?” I love that. I feel like a total neuter. “No, because I don’t sit on them, like what you’re doing. That’s why they hurt.” It’s kind of humiliating. People make you feel like something’s wrong with your reproductive parts, a man’s most vulnerable area, because I ride a unicycle. When I do gaps or drops, I get asked that a lot.

“Are you okay?” as I fall from an awkward ledge I was going to hop on. This girl just randomly ran up to me, to cater to my health whims. I told her that I’d be fine when the pain went away.

Those are just some of them. Ah the fun of riding a college campus. I think I have a fan club. Some guy the other night, recognized me walking down the street, coming out of a cafe.


I once had a young kid(4-5) yell “look, a man on a tricycle!”
Never heard that before. I was by the way on my uni and not on a trike.

a kid said the same thing to me yesterday. :roll_eyes:

ive gotten both the tricycle and unicorn comments. how peculiar that they are so common


I took mine to campus also … to SIU in Carbondale from 78 - 82. (22k students - 20k residents)
It was always ALOT of fun riding it right into the classroom :smiley:
(nothing like 400 students gasping at same time)

It was great for pick’n up chicks too :slight_smile:
(breaking the ice)

I also took my python with me sometimes also… lol

“Look! a snake on a unicycle !”

I got photo’d alot there … I was the only unicyclist there.
(no … Muni’s were not born yet)

Made it into a couple papers in my day, and one yearbook at SIU.

When I lived in Kalamazoo, I delivered papers on my unicycle. Since it was 4am I got mostly stunned silence as people tried to figure out what animal just drifted by. Noticed UniTrials is going to school at Western!! Burrows Rd. hill used to kick my butt! I still ride the same Schwinn that I rode there ('77-'81).

Latest comment heard on the Montour Trail in Bethel Park:

“That’s the first time I’ve seen one of those here”…I told him that it might be the last time, since it was the first time I’d been out in over 20 years (my arse was talkin’ to me).

Enjoying the comments!

An old lady who, seeing me adjust my seat angle/playing with my seat said to me “did you build that thing?”


unidaddy, I just walked past Burrow’s tonight. I was at a poetry slam/open mic event at a cafe just a block from there. That does look like a mean hill! I’ll see if I can tackle it!