Gallery of Forumnal UniVideo Reviews

this is the result of the discussion on the Petition Against Crappy Videos thread

this thread can serve a twofold purpose
-for the original maker and poster of the video to provide a brief write-up of the video (think ‘back-of-a-video-cover’)

-and for people who have viewed videos to add some comments
the idea is to create a central thread that people can browse to help them decide which videos they want to download
so keep your comments in a generally descriptive vein and keep your creative/critical comments for the thread where the video-link was originally posted
please include a link to the original thread in your post


“Body Movin” - Owen Kirby

This is one of my favourites…

Great riding, tight editing, fitting music (that it’s hard to specifically dislike), and great stacks!

Riding style - Trials on both natural and the other kind of surfaces.

File description - Both very high res and lower res versions available, both .wmv I believe.

Movie length - 6:33


There’s only one version now… The low-res had the same quality video as the “hires” so I ditched the hires on the server to make more room…