Gallery help.... please....

It seems that I am ignorant. No, not in general, but mostly in regard to the picture/ video gallery. I am unaware as to how one goes about making a gallery thing for themselves. For you see, I have been working for the past week on a trials unicycling video and I have no place to host it. (I have a site, but it has very limited space.)

Also, is it free to start a gallery thingy? Please… someone… tell me how to make a gallery. It would be most appreciated, and then all you nice people can see my video. I think it’s pretty good. Thanks!

I just created my first gallery. Here is what I did:

Go to the gallery page (“gallery” link at top of home page).

Click the (barely visible) “login” link at the top right corner of the page.

Enter my user ID and password (note: The user ID is case sensitive here, even if you don’t have to get the case right anywhere else on the site).

Click the “Create Gallery” link.

Click the “Add photos” link.

Enter in thenames and captions of files to upload from my system.


I notice that now that I have a gallery, the interface has changed a bit.

I originally had some options for creating things at the top. Now I have permissions to modify my album only, there doesn’t seem to be a way to create another album. Is this what has happened to you? Is it possible that you have another album somewhere in the gallery that you may have created when you first joined. (I am just guessing now)

Now you see why I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for your help. I think it’s gallery time…