Gallery Addresses


On my gallery, the address is:

Were as Phils gallery is:

How do I change mine, to, for instance, …com/joe?

Can I change it?



Renaming your photo album

Click on rename Album. This will allow you to change the URL name, editing the Title will allow you to change the screen name for the album. I only know this because I tried it just now, I didn’t have an album and I made one a minute ago, and after renaming the album the URL changed. It’s a little bit tricky because it says Rename album rather than edit URL name. Hope that helps you Joe.

gallery editing.jpg

cheers Rowan… your da Mann! :slight_smile:



I think when you rename it, the gallery program will assign your prior URL to a new album.

If you change it your old hot links may to to a different gallery. Best to rename it when you create the album.

It is working fine…

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just when everything was going so well…

All of the album addresses I have changed were fine…

But I got to one, and It deleted everything. I then tryed another… and the same thing happened. I have now deleted 3 albums! :angry: (see fig 2)

One of the albums deleted was ‘how to make a air saddle - roach’ and as it deleted after i changed the address, it still works
Yet, when i go into any other album, at the top it says ‘Album: How To Make - Roach Air Saddle’ (see fig 1)

And what are these hotlinks? Is that what caused it?

Can someone please tell me if i can get this back, or if i willl have to put the pics up again!



hello again…

The ‘saddle’ link seems to have gone, now that i have change my address to (blah blah blah’ /Joes.

But, how do i get my old albums back? do you know of a way?Because the link on the page (see fig 2) goes to the gallery index (what you get when you click on the gallery from the home page) but the album blah blah blah /joesroach still exists!

Confused? you will be! :thinking:




What I was trying to say was previously posted links to your old address won’t go to your gallery anymore.

You have changed your root gallery to , when I click on that I go to your gallery.

When I click on the old link in the first post of this thread it now goes to the main gallery.

What I called a hot link may be a clickable link. Maybe somebody can set me straigh. Nomenclature hasn’t been my strong suit.


Thanks UniBrier,