Gaining Access to a Gym (or other indoor riding place.)

The snow has arrived here in Spokane, so I can no longer ride freestyle outside. The snow here usually melts every few weeks during the winter, but I still won’t be able to freestyle outside much, especially since the road maintinence crews dump tons of sand on the road as soon as it snows, then don’t vacuum it up until spring. I can’t freestyle on grit.

So now I am trying to think of a place indoors where I could ride, besides my basement which is really too small for things that require riding more than ten feet in any direction.

I know a lot of unicyclists here have regular access to gyms, so I was wondering if any of you have advice on convincing whoever is in charge of such a place to let one ride in it and on what other options I have for indoor riding? :thinking:

Hop on over to a basketball court and ride. If you get any funny looks then pick up a basketball and start shooting some hoops.:wink:

The Unicycling Society of America, Inc. has sponsored 33 annual meets and the International Unicycling Federation, Inc. has sponsored 12 UNICONs. To date, there has never been a claim of damage made to any of the indoor (or outdoor) venues used for these events.

Most recently, for example, the Freestyle competition for UNICON 12 was held in a gym that was built as a venue for the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. This gym is operated by the Japanese sports ministry as a venue for national and international sporting championships.

I am personally aware of several unicycle clubs that have long histories of using indoor facilities without incident. The Panther Pride Unicycle Team have used the gym at the local elementary school for over twenty years. They also are routinely invited to perform on surfaces used by university and professional basketball teams. The Twin Cities Unicycle Club have used varrious indoor facilities in Minneapolis and Saint Paul for a similar period.

Sounds convincing to me.