Gag Bike - Bicycle that falls apart and converts to a unicycle

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone knew or even had plans (or a link to plans I could purchase) to make ‘The Gag Bike’ its on Paul Andersons ‘How to Ride a Unicycle’ youtube clip (see link:

My dad is happy to make the bike but is not sure on the best method of releasing the parts (ie: seat, handlebars and wheel).
Quick release buttons etc.
If anyone has any ideas on this that would be greatly appreciated, ideally i would like to ride along and the handlebars come off while riding.
Thanks in advance.


It looks like the pieces are not secured together so I don’t think you have to unlatch them with any kind of mechanism. I’m no expert on this but it looks like the parts have a passive fit and gravity holds them together.

Yeah it didnt look like he pulled any clip, i thought he might have pressed a button like the ones on a scooters handlebars that adjust the height, but couldnt be sure. I’ve seen some comedy artistic bikes on youtube and they must have a release system but not sure what it is, as they do tricks on them so I’m guessing you would need them locked in place.
Thanks for your response though.

If anyone else has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.

Very cool idea! Depending on what tools you have available You could potentially solve this by using a spline connection on the handlebar and steer tube. I’d recommend a low tooth count spline to reduce friction and a bottom out feature so the spline is just transferring rotation and is not press-fitting the 2 parts together so that you can easily pull the 2 components apart.

You can look for a common broach and spline tool for 1-1/8" steer tubes.

Thanks ‘Teal’ I’ll look into the spline connection, sounds like that could work.

The bike is for a new show I’m making, even though my main skill is unicycling I wanted to make it slightly different to my other show, I’ll still end up turning it into a unicycle at some stage but it wont be obvious its a unicycle to begin with, which I kind like, plus you can get a lot of comedy out of a bike falling apart.