Gaadi Tube

Here is a new one that I haven’t seen before. It’s an inner tube that’s a single long strip instead of a ring. So you can remove/replace it without removing the wheel from your frame.


This seems both strange and yet a good idea.

However, the tire chart stops at 29" and tires no bigger than 2.10… So there is some uncertainty as to how it would perform/like overstretched scenarios (let’s say in a 29x2.4).

Is it widely available yet or just ordered on the manufacturer site with international shipping fun?

Good question on the availability. I don’t personally intend to buy one, I just stumbled across it and thought it looked interesting.

There are some 29x3" similar tube available - at least in France:

I’ve never given it a try but I’d be curious to know if that really works.

Update: there are also available in UK - and probably other countries but I’m too lazy to check :stuck_out_tongue: :

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So you would have to buy two for each wheel for this to work - one as the spare, one that already is in the wheel. (Or bring a knife to cut the old tube). In my experience, the part that most people struggle with is not removing the wheel, it’s getting the tire of and on the rim, so I don’t think it will provide the easy solution to fixing a tire they are promising.

My method for not having to take a wheel of has always been to just use patches. Usually works well, barely takes up any backpack space, and is cheap.
But even on bikes with chains, shifter cables to the internal geared hub and coaster brake torque arms, it’s still only 2 nuts you have to loosen to change a conventional tube, you only need a tiny bit of space to slide the tube out.
I guess I’m very much not the customer for them anyway, but the more I think about it, the less practical their product seems to me.


I think it’s an innovation worth trying/buying. Of course, the frequency of needing to change a tube is very low and it’s really not that much hassle to change a tube in a regular Uni anyway. Suppose if you have a hunirex it would really be useful.

Used to use these type tubes during mountain bike races, no tools needed and I still carry one for uni called a “Dirt Worm”. These have been available for over 50 years.


It could be handy if you have some issues with your disc alignment. G29 is really hard to find the setting that works so the less I remove the wheel from the frame, the happier I am.

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