GA riders

anyone here live in GA around the atlanta area?

i’m just a few hours away in Charleston SC

I’ll be in Atlanta in one week, send me a pm if your up for a ride. We will be in the Suwanee area right outside Atlanta.

I live in woodstock, how close are to there

Im in Atlanta visting my Dad every once and awhile. Well actually it’s Marrieta.

I’m in loganville. About 30min east of the city. I am new to the sport.

im new, and Im in Martinez GA (Augusta) also next to Evans

If anyone wants to ride I’ll be here in Atlanta for about a week or so.

Can’t believe no one has mentioned UDC being based in Marietta.

I have this forum set up for Colorado, maybe it would be helpful for other places to get one made too?

Colorado Unicycles

Yah it is. It’s pretty cool in there, the front room is kinda like a show room and has like 20 unicycles in it.

I live in Duluth, which is the North part of Fulton County. But my parents wouldn’t let me ride with anyone, but still it’s cool that there are other riders in GA. Never been to UDC showroom b4 though

To bad.:frowning:
You know any good places to ride around here?

No I just usually go to my neighborhood park and ride around, but I know Discover Mill Mall (sp?) has a skatepark. Don’t know if they let unicyclists in or when its open, just know they have one. The city of Atlanta looks pretty cool to ride in but I’ve never done it. I’ll tell you if I can think of any

I’ll be in Atlanta in a week or so for about two weeks if anyone wants to get a ride up. If you guys can’t ride could you tell me of some good trails and places to ride street?

I’ll post on this thread again once I’m in Atlanta.

I live in Cumming about 35 minutes north or the perimeter. I’m still in the early stages of learning, but plan on riding mainly on the trails at Central Park off 400 exit 17.

The Forsyth Greenway is scheduled to be completed late august and will be a nice place to do distance rides, similar to the Silver Comet Trail.

Cool. Part of that Silver Comet trail goes by my dads house. I’ve ridden my Dads bike down it a few times.