g29 or g36er?

I will soon have the option , and my goal is to either convert a 36" older Kh or convert a newer KH 29" to a g29. In your experience which one do you prefer to convert? I would still like to ride trails along with road riding. Thanks.

I think you’d get more utility out of the g29.

Yes same thinking too! I know eventually I’ll end up with 2, 2nd will have to be on a 36er for sure! :wink:

Its not happening now, now…but it will

Ahh, but now there’s a 3rd option to ponder… a 32 would actually be a pretty nice cruising high gear. I will say this though, I get the whole “one unicycle to do it all” but unless you ride in an area where you really are doing rides with mountain and road mixed, and that’s what you enjoy, I would just buy a 29er Muni AND a g32/g36. You spend well over $2k on a schlumpf unicycle, why not just buy a $400 muni too and not put wear on the hub unless you’re using it for the high gear?

I am definitely for having polarizing wheels as opposed to do it all type wheels, but that’s going to come down to personal preference in the end.

Definitely not “one uni does all”. Since Im not good at the 20", thats out of the question. Im down to 2 favorites…wait…forgot… make that 3hahah…gotta include my fattie :smiley: Im pretty sure I will end up with 2 Schlumpfs. One for the big cruiser wheel and the other a muni to get back from a good day of muni, fast! :smiley:

Been having the same battle for a long time, when I eventually do pluck up the courage to buy one.

I’m 90% sure I’m going with a G29 - before I got my ungeared 36er, my 29er was my do-it-all ride - roads, trails, long treks, everything. The idea of having that exact same thing but faster appeals to me a LOT. Geared 36ers are only really good for one thing, and that just ain’t how I ride.

I have plenty of unicycles but my do it all is a G26 with dual hole cranks. If you like 29er MUni than the same setup in 29 would give you plenty of options with two usable off-road or on-road gears depending on your pedal position.

You won’t be keeping up with a geared 36 for pure road rides though so it all depends on your priorities whether you gear the 29 or 36.

The g26 does seem like the ultimate riding machine. A g36 is either for a speed-crazy-maniac or someone wishing to ride at a lower cadence. It took me a couple weeks of riding my modest g20 to feel comfortable riding at a higher cadence; even on that, I was unable to run out a couple upds yesterday on my g20 mUni ride. IMHO, for a first-time Schlumpf owner, I think erring on the side of a smaller wheel would be more practical. I have enjoyed riding up some of the same hills in either gear on my g20, and I’m pretty certain that wouldn’t be possible on a larger, geared unicycle. Not that I’m recommending anyone getting a g20; I still have to see how this experiment plays out; so far so good. What I can say is, learning to shift has been pretty easy on the g20, since I’ll be falling from less height, and at less speed.

A G36 would scare the hell out of me on trails. Even in low gear, I’d be nervous of accidentally shifting.

Elpueblo, I still think your G20 is super rad, and an awesome idea. Were I to do it all again, I think I’d do a G24 or something like that and keep it on the road. It’d still be relatively fast but not cumbersome.

Even my G29 felt like a handful on the road, and anything with a geared hub feels like a handful to me on trails.

That’s pretty much it for me - a REGULAR 36 scares me off-road, because I’m just not strong enough to keep it in line off-road with the 125mm cranks. At the same time, I would love to try a G36 for pure road riding :smiley:

Right now my priorities are mostly road, because I spend most of my riding time commuting to work, but for my weekend rides I really think a G29 would suit me better. Tricky situation! :roll_eyes:

If you have a disc brake in your plans, go with the 29" for sure. Matching up a disc on the KH 36 frames not made for it is a tedious bunch of machining or filing.

A smaller-wheeled Schlumpf is more flexible in terms of what you can do with it, and you can still get up some good speed on the pavement when you want. You’ll have to pedal that much faster, but you wheel will be a lot lighter.

Also, I also recommend a smaller wheel rather than a bigger on for your first geard uni, so again that points at the 29er (or other size under 36 if you prefer). I my case I’ve only ever had a G36, but I had played around with smaller geared unicycles before, including Schwinn Giraffes with 48:26 gear ratio back in my early days of riding. But learning to shift on a G36 is pretty intimidating and it took me a long time to get fairly comfortable doing it.

If you have the right kind of trail, it’s a blast riding a 36" on it, even in high gear if it’s of the appropriate technical level. Much of the dirt trails around Lake Natoma near me are really fun in high gear, while some sections require a downshift. Also, on those easier trails, you are at much lower risk of accidental shifting. I like a grippy pedal with metal pins, combined with one of my pairs of 5.10 shoes. My feet aren’t going anywhere unless something catastrophic happens. :slight_smile:

Elpueblo, Im not very experienced on the 20" and for me to go on 2nd gear I would figure I’d be more unstable , and eat it big time, than being on a larger wheel like a 29 or even more stable 36er. How much difference is the ride between a non geared 36er and g36 in 1st gear? I mean, I believe I can ride well enough on 150s and 165s on trails, it’s quite a blast. Sure, I wont ride muni g36, but on flat trails Im sure it doable racing through it.

It sounds like the general consensus is to start of with a smaller 29, the more versatile wheel, with 165/150s and work my way shorter, and eventually to the g36er.

Oh, so here’s the funny story… As I was selling my KH 29er the other day. I jumped on it for my final ride just making sure everything was working properly. Wow! Such a nice feeling! Previous to this ride, I’ve always held the memory that the 29er was to big for me for muni. But this final ride, well, it sure didnt feel much difference than being on my Oregon. In fact, lighter and I actually felt more nimble and more in control, this time around, since I havent been on it for such a long time.
Hence this, prompted me to pick up the newer KH29 with the awesome Knard 120tpi. I can wait to get my hands on it! My rekindled love for the 29er!
Thanks guys, for the great help! :slight_smile: This forum is great.

Edit: sold my older QuAx and purchased a 2015 Kh29"

Glad to read that Killian, I have a Schlumpf waiting to be installed in a wheel, and I’ve been debating with myself wether it should be in my 24 or my 29. I’ll start with the 24" and see what happens.

…in a nerdy kind of way. There was some discussion / flame-wars on the forum regarding a “down-shifting” hub. Well, the g20 is turning out to be effectively just that, because I can spend most of my time in high gear, then down-shift on the steep hills.

For my mUni ride on the g20 I borrowed the seat/seat-post/shadow-handle from my 29er. That really improved the quality of the ride. With the aid of the handlebars, I focused on keeping my weight on the back of the seat; otherwise I’d fall off the front more often when I encountered some sudden resistance. The Cyko Lite tire handled uneven surfaces pretty well. At one point I was riding through some thick sand, and I was surprised I made it with this small unicycle in high gear. I think the mUni ride would have been a drag without the bar ends. My g20 has very little rotating mass, therefore it can be stopped easily. Holding onto the handlebars seems to counteract this.

I’ve got a g29, which is used exclusively on road (at the moment). As others have said, it’s probably a lot better for learning on than a 36 - though I’m not convinced that for anybody used to that size wheel that smaller would be better. Has taken me about 2 years of somewhat intermittent riding (I spent most of last year off it due to injury) to start feeling comfortable - over that time I don’t think either bigger or smaller would have worked better. I’ll admit to a yearning for a larger wheel to go faster, but realistically it would have just scared me - I already go faster than I can run on the g29 (and I’m a pretty good runner!), so a UPD at speed would result in a fall.

I suppose in my future - when I have the money - I’d like both a g36 for road use and maybe a g650+ for off-road (about the same diameter as a 29er). Close to the point where I’ll consider trying my current one on some easy off-road, I expect it will be a blast on that. It’s a first gen square taper model, so won’t be doing anything at all extreme on it even if I was up to it.