G Spot Video

Don’t know if this has been posted before but several months ago a Spanish station came over and taped a run down G-Spot and some street stuff as well. Veru short but not so bad.



thats tight… i like the dual action street uni

Is there a version w/o the transltor talking over the riders?



That’s an awsome trail though…

The street part was pretty good too haha.

Yeah, I have both segments without the interview parts. John, do you think they would care if I uploaded them to unicycle.tv now? I know they didn’t want us to upload them anywhere until they aired but they have now.

Can you upload them here?

You beat me to it Jon haha. I don’t think it will matter anymore Spencer. Tis pretty entertaining hearing everyone dubbed in Spanish

Ok I uploaded individual segments without interviews to the utv server…

Trials/Street (about 40mb)
Muni (about 50mb)
Right click-save as