G-Spot on a 29er

This morning, Josh rode G-Spot (a nasty hard tech. DH ride in Simi Valley) on a 29er. Not a totally successful experiment, but he got down more of it than I thought possible. Speed was quite high in places.


nice! I would break the rim… or my bones.

Was there a climax on that ride?:wink:

I hope you didn’t forget to ride the clitoris afterwards, or was the g-spot thing exciting enough to reach a climax?

Nice! next time try it on a 36er! :smiley:

Looks like he rode fair over it to me!!!

Nice. I posted an overview of the rim durability here.

Pics of JL bustin’ some moves:

That sure looks interesting. And somewhat dangerous.

You should consider a better thread title next time… Just my opinion… Looked funn…

G-spot is the name of the trial.

A chuckle at it isnt bad, but everytime im on this site, and read G-spot, my mind goes straight to this trail and broken backs.

Learn to control your mind. =p

Of course… But… The few posts above we’re the same… He should atleast give out a hint… G-Sot - Trail - Sunny California - on a KH29…


While the pictures in this thread are cool, I was expecting far more. . .ahem. . .“exciting” ones when I clicked on the thread. :roll_eyes:

Another of the many step rock slabs on G-Spot, Simi Valley, So Cal

Makes me want to move to Simi Valley so badly!

Haha, nice camera “tilt” there to make it look steeper! :stuck_out_tongue: Unless vegetation grows at a distinct sideways angle! :roll_eyes:

More accurate, but still fun to ride down! :slight_smile:

G Spot1.JPG

Haha, nice camera “tilt” there which makes it look steeper! :stuck_out_tongue: Unless vegetation grows at a distinct sideways angle! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the actual angle, but still fun to ride down! :slight_smile:

Example setting? I think they just don’t want to spill their hard-earned hemoglobin all over the trail. :astonished: :smiley:

Kris Holm on one of the big drops on G Spot - and, no, Terry, this is not tilted or photoshoped. I’m too lazy.


haha, I can see that one isn’t. But it’s easy to inadvertently tilt the camera when taking shots…happens all the time. And if there’s trees, shrubs and stuff all you have to do is look at their “angles” to tell if the camera was tilted when the shot was taken. They grow pretty much straight up, so if they appear to be growing way to the left or right, then chances are the camera was tilted.

No biggie, and often times when taking shots on a trail, one may not even be aware that the camera is tilted off level, especially when standing on steep sections. And photoshop, etc. is not required for that. Only to straighten it out after, lol.

I really miss that place and plan to go back and give it another whirl asap! :slight_smile:

That looks like the place I broke my back! Wish I could have joined you guys. I’ll be in CA for the middle two weeks in July so we’ll have to organize a ride so I can meet up with ya’ll. I went for a MUn ride today here in Sydney and had a blast. Cheers!

Nice work, buzzkill. Don’t you have a reporter to talk to or something?