G-Spot Muni -- 2nd Go

Still getting used to blasting down ledgy rock faces ending suddenly with rolling drops up to 6 feet–the signature maneuver on G-Spot. It’s not so much the heigh but the speed you carry into the launch that makes things sketchy. There’s a couple plunges approaching 12 feet that are way beyond us at this point.

Highlights include Josh almost cleaning one rock face I originally thought would never be ridden, plus powering up and launching off a slew of man-made dirt gap ramps that are part of the “trail.” There’s some steep tractoring that feels like home, but G-Spot is mostly a drop fest connected with high speed cliff diving. For pure fun (minus the sore spine from 50 drops), G-Spot is the shizzat. Can’t wait to share this trail with others.

Alex Armitage rode along on his MB and got some pics of a couple sections that show a little about what G-spot is all about. Josh will post them shortly.

One word: WAHOO!

The trail’s biggest obstacles seem more psychological than physical. The 12 and 20-foot drops may, however, need more than the “go for it” attitude to land.

Photos from today’s awesome ride:

I. Love. This. Trail.

that looks like a heck of a fun ride! i wish I lived closer to you guys down there and in SB…

Hopefully i’ll get down there sometime w/ corbin and hoovers and gang to ride that stuff…

those roll-ins look INTENSE!!! i’d love to bike that sometime too! man…

cool ride


Thanks for the photos, I wish I was there!

What, do you really want one of us NorCal riders to come down there and show you how to ride your own trails? We’ll give you a head start… practice through the winter while I save up some paid time off and perhaps we’ll see you in the early spring :slight_smile:

Oh sure, wait until after the rainy season washes all the hard stuff away. I see how it is. By the time you get here, the whole thing will be a giant rut with a few pebbles sticking up. :smiley:

Oh man that looks great. John, you’re very photogenic and Alex, awesome shots! See you guys in a couple of weeks!


Yo, Nathan,

Tell me when you’re coming down (like the exact days) and I’ll try and con Alex (photographer) into driving up to SB with me so he can get some pictures of Beau, who is the future of Muniing. Maybe you guys can spring loose to get down for a double on G-Spot and Devil’s Slide, which are only half a mile apart. That’s a killer day. I think Mango and Jake and the high flying San Diego boys are coming up soon as well. My thumb is still busted and it throbs when I do that mile after mile boulder rolling in SB, so its best I stick around here till I get the brace off my thumb.

And Maestro, those aren’t “our” trails. We’ve only ridden G-Spot and Devil’s Slide twice, and we’re far from owning either one. There’s more around–just gotta keep taking trips with the DH/dirt juimping mountain bike guys, who know all the “stunt” trails. And make sure you bring Corbin down with you.


You just keep rubbing it in our faces don’t you? :slight_smile: Just kidding, thanks for sharing, please post all the pictures you have. That place looks awsome. I espescially liked this picture the best.

When are you going to have a Santa Barbara Muni weekend?

That drop was a bit hairy, but it’s actually smooth rolling if you commit. What you don’t see in any of those pictures is another steep rock face twice the height of and right next to the one you just linked to. We initally thought that it might never be rideable, but once we took the easy way around it, John pointed out that it wasn’t exactly vertical. After a few minutes of us going “maybe that ain’t so bad,” I went back to the top and spent about five minutes trying to make up my mind over whether or not to risk it - remounting, teetering on the lip, and aborting at the last second. I got myself good and psyched out. Finally, I mounted, stood still for a second, muttered something like “now or never” and forward-hopped over the edge.

I didn’t actually UPD until my rollout hit a soft patch of dirt on flat ground. Maybe next time I’ll nail it.

(And that’s the end of my fish story for the ride.)

These last few trails (Devil’s Slide, GSpot) are actually near Simi Valley and Chatsworth, which is closer to LA than Santa Barbara. But to answer your question – every weekend is a MUni weekend in SB! :smiley:

Since you guys are into “Rock 'n Roll”.

What about Vasquez Rocks just off the 14? I read about a new trail that just opened up in Soledad Canyon, but know nothing about it other than it is supposed to be for horses. Both locations are not that far out from the Valley.

Just some suggestions.

Ride ON!!

Hi, Rod-

Can you give me directions or a web site where I can find out where that Soledad Trail is? I’ll grab Eyal or Josh and ride it the day after you tell me where the hell it is.