G-Sport Taper Hex Nipples... for you weight weenies out there.

Check out the flipbook for more information and pictures

Might try some of those when I rebuild one of my wheels, looks like the tool and the more snug fit onto the nipples should make for a stronger wheel build, rather than just rounding off the nipples.

I just was scanning the thread titles and read this as G-Spot Tapper Sex Nipples. I was confused… then I read it a second time and it made more sense. Cool stuff.

I read the same thing! Maybe these companies are just trying to mess with us!! They come in tons of cool colors!! Ha ha!

To be blunt, aluminum nipples are absolutely horrible as they are super weak, if you wan’t to save weight get 15g spokes instead as alu nipples will break before the spokes do. (I know from mtb experierce, alu nipples lasted 2hrs on the rear wheel doing “regular” riding… perhaps the wheelbuild might have been poor due to a factory build, but still.)

Note: I’m not saying that 15g spokes are an upgrade…

My friend talks with several bike trials riders in Europe and as far they said, those new nipples are pretty nice! There are good alu nipple out there for some months I think, but a bit expensive I think!

I will try to know how his nipples are going (he bought some!)…

haha nipples…

Ok, the ones i tried were DT’s. Perhaps they have done something nice with these, but also people are different. Mine surviced for 2hrs WITH rear suspension on XC terrain (ok I was rough and i weigh +90kg), but still that was just silly… also it may have been due to a poor wheelbuild as I stated. But don’t say I didn’t warn you… :wink:

I hope you experience will be better than mine, cause I’m not ever going near alu nipples again.

Ducttape: Also you can get them anodized if they are alu, so perhaps red would be well suited if you twist then excessively?

These just came out in the BMX world just a few days ago, most US suppliers won’t even have them yet, nevermind European ones! :wink:

However, I wouldn’t mind them. But I’m not bothered about weight of nipples much at all. But I thought it’d be good to let those of you ultra weight weenies out there know about these!

Yeah, also wheel building those colored nipples would need some special attention :p… I believe the color can easily come out…

Also not that alu nipples always need special care taken even if they are not coloured.

Heh, yup, part of one of the purple nipples on my Profile wheel chipped off as I was tightening it. Sods law it was after I fitted the tyre and bunged the wheel in the frame, I couldn’t be bothered to replace it, so I’ve left it on there for the time being untill the tyres off again.

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