G-raff Movie

Herse is another video. Its not really skills more just fun. Also from along time ago.

Yeah its not quite ready yet because it is still loading or something but it should be up soon.

COol! Exept that you were running almost the whole time…

cool movie… i like that mount. i cant do that, well i never tried. i can only do they stay in one place and step up mount:)

Knd of alot of running around with it, dont you think? Anyway, that was pretty cool with the stairs and stuff. Someone needs to try girrafe trials, street, muni, and freestyle!

don’t run so much, almost made me turn it off until I saw you fall on the stairs.:s

it wasnt me running. i know that there is alot of running. thats kind of the point since it makes him look foolish to be running back and forth. Its not really suposed to be a serious movie. Just for fun…

First, I didn’t think he could ride the uni, because of all the running… :roll_eyes:

haha nice

Im pretty sure that was the point. you should ask timbob :roll_eyes:

I thought it was cool, kindof old 60s movies like the Beatles made.

thanks. it was made to make fun of my friend for using up my tape. so he is supposed to look weird.

I liked the video. It’s cool!

Giraffe Mount

2nd awsome mount!!!
Can you mount and instead of riding backwards ride forwards.

I need to try this someday I just got a nimbus 5’ter on Thursday It’s sooo freaking Coooooool.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, I can ride both forwards and backwards after mounting, and clear that staircase. I can also 180 GIRAFFE SPIN. Tim’s just being a $&#* and posting horrible videos of me. It was RAINY that day, and I mounted it basically every time, you just cut it terribly.

Tim, I didn’t know you posted this. Butthead.

wait a 180 uni spin? or a normal 180?. a unispin would be impressive.

Yeah, a 180 unispin on a giraffe. I’m assuming no one else has done it, and therefore taking the liberty of naming it the 180 giraffe spin.

Wrong, there’s a guy in a koxx video from fluck 2005 who’s doing a 180 unispin on a giraffe. :roll_eyes:
I can’t remember the name…

Link: http://vids.worldofk.com/koxxone/Danemark_2005/K1_Trip_to_DK-light.wmv

It’s Paul Matthess from Berlin, Germany.

Sorry, but it’s in german.

I think a Unispin is easier with a giraffe than with an usual unicycle, because you dont need zu jump so high.
The Problem are just the nerves.

p.s.: sorry for my english!

wow i didnt know you had an account. I edited it perfectly :roll_eyes: