G-r-i-n-d P-l-a-t-e

Does anyone have or know where i can get a fully sick grindplate for some DX style pedals. I really need one!!!

(must be able to get to Australia)

You could always make your own, they’re not too tricky and there’s a tutorial up on www.unicycletips.com - under Street Skills.

just take the pins out. or make your own. or get one from danscomp.com and modify it.

president_luke will tell you to get plastics :stuck_out_tongue:



I have made a plastic chopping board grind plate. But i havn’t tested it yet,
mainly because i’ve been using plasitc pedals, but i’m sure they would work really well because they are plastic like plastic pedals.

I’ve only made the plate bit so i would have to make the brace plate (the bit that holds them onto the pedal) and buy some nuts and bolts aswell. Once i figure out how much bolts and chopping boards cost i should be able to sell you (or anyone else thats inderested) some at the next melbourne meet for about 5 to 10 dollars.

PM me if you want some made.



PS. i only use plastics cause im to lazy to wear shin gaurds, plus they are light.