FYI: Uni's on Car racks

Well, I generally keep my uni in the trunk, but after a wet-clay ride on the Don Valley Parkway, I threw my now brown uni on top of all my car audio.

I knew I needed to figure out a way to throw it on the bike rack on top. The answer was easier than I thought.
--------With two bike trays----------------------

-Position your pedals so they are vertical.
-The unicycle will lay across the car (on top of the rack!) so the lower (while riding) pedal is the lower (on the rack) pedal
-secure this lower pedal to the bike tray
-the seat will fit across to the other bike tray (or adjust accordingly, either seatpost or bike tray - but remember you need space for your handlebars not to touch each other)
-secure that end down as well
-the unicycle will be laying across the bike trays, but will not hinder still mounting 2 bikes

--------With no bike trays, only for and aft racks---------------

-Secure the lower pedal to the front rack (this needs to be super tight. Those calves from pedal marks can happen to your car as well)
-secure the seat to the rear rack

As I write this, I guess it sounds so simple I should’ve known, but at the time, I didn’t. I figured you’d all want to be prepared as well…Dry Uni’s fit alot nicer in the trunk!

Any other rack ideas out there?

Re: FYI: Uni’s on Car racks

i use a Yakima lock jaw.
lock it around the seat post,then strap the tire to the far it has
worked o k.the longest trip was 250 miles up 101 in northern Cal and southern
no problems,but did get some weird looks.