FYI: Currency exchange favorable for US folks buying EU products

I didn’t realize that the USD was so much stronger these days, but if you are thinking about getting some uni parts, check out prices overseas.

I just bought a KH T Bar “shipped” for $75 from UDC UK. The price “without shipping” from UDC USA is $90. I hate to undercut the local UDC, but they were out of the T Bar, and UDC Canada wanted $95 plus exchange rate difference and $25 for shipping :astonished:

I’m going shopping at Chain Reaction Cycles :slight_smile:

Well i may be getting a trials rim then :smiley: how hard was it to do?

I guess I should move to US to get cheaper uni parts :smiley: but shipping times may be quite a bit longer right?

I wonder why the prices between different UDCs in Europe vary so much. For example 20" KH trials uni costs 399€ in udc germany ( but 420€ in udc denmark and in denmark it’s the 2008 model :thinking: So it might be good for you to check the prices from couple of places if possible! Of course the UK store has by far the greatest range of products :smiley:

…but you didn’t hesitate to post a thread encouraging others to do so?

How about you keep the nasty stuff on the other side of the forum, no reason to bring down both sides with negativity.

Hey Wes, it’s not hard, but to get the shipping worked out you need to contact them by email. Don’t forget about the time difference.

It’s not the first time I’ve ordered from UDC UK, they have lots of stuff we don’t get at UDC USA and they don’t seem to sell out as fast.

Enjoy the discount whiel it lasts :slight_smile:


I’m being nasty for pointing out an inconsistency in your story? This is maybe only a 1 or 2 out of 10 on my nasty meter…

UDC USA has sponsored many, many local unicycling events over the past years. Why do you want to drive business away from them?

Donald Sutherland, Kelly’s Heroes. A classic. Not sure what you mean by it though.

Well now, at least you admit to being nasty, that’s the first step…of many :roll_eyes:

No inconsistency here. I called, they were out, I bought it elsewhere.

Besides, I know the folks at UDC quite well, so you’re singing to the choir. In fact they were the ones who suggested I contact the other UDC “branches”, funny that.

I’m not the only one who finds you nasty and negative. How about cleaning up your act and treating people on this forum like you’d treat them in real life?

I liked Kelly’s Hereos, may just have to see if I can get it on Amazon this weekend for “free” :stuck_out_tongue: