FYI '07 DX (yes with seat tube ring!) $249 free ship!

Just another option of where to get the '07 torker dx. Price is about as low as it gets and free shipping. It’s not on ebay and so you can call their toll-free number to order, as I just did! Nice customer service too!

PS: The pic is of an '06, because Torker has not yet updated the pic, but you will derfintley get the '07. They physically checked the box and confirmed it to be an '07, plus they also got confirmation from Torker.

So you bought it for a trails uni? Or a gift?

man I wish I knew that! I just spent 4 more dollars than that for the 06!

Neither; I bought it for a friend who didn’t have a credit card, so I paid for it and he’s paying me back.

you hope;)

Yeah true! If not I’ll keep it and sell my summit!:smiley:

I’d like to see that mate. You’d have buyers lining the streets!

I bought a 20" DX from through eBay, and today I got it. It’s the '07. I bought it on the 26th, and the description said '06.

same exact thing here, I ordered it and later found out that it said 06 but it turned out to be 07