fwd: Unicycles on TV (minor Seinfeld spoiler)

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A unicycle has showed up on Seinfeld tonight. It’s hanging from the wall at
Bizarro Jerry’s (Jerry’s opposite’s) apartment during the credit sequence. I
guess a unicycle is the opposite of Jerry, for whatever that’s worth.


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I saw this episode and it caught my eye also. Actually it was probably hanging
there because Jerry (the real one) has a bicycle hanging on his wall. Hmmmm…Is
a unicycle really the opposite of a Bike. I thought it was an improvement on a
flawed concept :smiley:

Ok…All you experts out there who have been at this unicycling thing longer than
me…What brand of unicycle was it hanging there on the wall? I figure someone
out there must have seen it and know. I don’t, but I did notice it looked fairly
heavy duty. Any ideas anyone.