Fwd: Re: Paging anyone from NYC

Hey gang. This came from one of the unicyclists on the forum. If you’re
interested, let me know so I can forward him your message (he didn’t
include his actual e-ddress). I’m sure he’ll want to come out with the
Unatics this summer. By the way, if you reply to this, don’t also reply to
the forum – delete that line of the address!

Note to Sofa and other forum members: When planning a trip to NYC, feel
free to contact me!

Sofa, write me privately if you’d like more info or to chat about details.

David Stone
Sofa wrote:
Hey all, Me and Mrs Sofa, who have never been to New York, are planning
on going there this summer for the weekend (it;s only a 3-6 hour drive
away) for the weekend, to ‘see the sites’

I am wondering if there is anybody on this board that meet the following

A)someone for Sofa to urban trials ride with for a few hours

B)has a wife/girlfriednd/aquaintance that could spend a few hours
showing Mrs. Sofa the ‘girl’ sites while the boys are out
riding…malls, shopping, etc…

Thanks, hope to see someone there!

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