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Seen on uk.rec.cycling. I’ve never heard of him, and the picture
doesn’t look familiar, but someone here might know him:

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Last Thursday I was meant to be going to a tribute gig for the late
Julia Darling. She was a Newcastle poet and writer who died earlier this
year. The gig was to be mainly Tim Dalling, a local musician and
collaborator of Julia’s. On the afternoon of the gig I heard that it was
cancelled for personal reasons. An hour or two later I found out that
Joe Scurfield, a fellow band member with Tim in the Old Rope String
Band, had been killed the night before. He was killed along with another
Newcastle musician Keith Morris. They were just round the corner of
Joe’s house heading to the pub for last orders when a 17 year old at the
wheel of a BMW mounted the pavement and killed them both.

Anyway, amongst Joe’s many talents was unicycling. I don’t know how well
known he was in the unicycling community but just in case anyone knows
him, Joe is now an ex-unicyclist.


Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
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