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> Has anyone weighted a wheel so that it spins true with Pedals and cranks?

I thought about it, back in the days when I was big into racing. If my wheel
spun straighter, it might help me go faster, or at least not have to work as
hard to control a wobbling wheel.

My thought was to add weight to the end of the crank arm opposite the pedal. But
to counterbalance the crank and pedal both, it would have to be significantly
more weight than doubling the crank arm. But this might interfere with the legs
when pedaling. thinking about it now, the weight should probably be added to the
wheel at the rim, where it can do the most good and be out of the way. This
would be similar to what’s done with wheel balancing on cars. And though it
would be less added weight than you would have to put on at the crank, it still
be a decent chunk of weight.

This might be a useful addition for high speed activities like downhill gliding
(Brett, are you listening?). But for regular pedaling, your feet and legs will
still be cranking round and round, taking away from the stability of your wheel
anyway. Someone will have to try it to see what kind of results one can get.

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