FW: USA needs a computer guy for Vice President


The Unicycling Society of America is seeking a new Vice President. This is a
much more fun job than Vice President of the United States. Unlike him, you get
to decide where you’re going to go, and the world press doesn’t make fun of you.
And your workload is a lot smaller!

The Vice President is in charge of maintaining the USA member database. This is
done using Microsoft Access, which we will provide for you if needed. We will
also provide on-the-job training. In fact, you don’t need to be a database
expert, a computer expert, or much of anything-expert. You just need to be
fairly active at reading your email (and responding), which you probably are if
you’re reading this.

You will keep track of new members when they come in, address changes, and
removal of members who cancel. You also get the honor of sending out membership
packets, keeping email addresses up-to-date and answering membership questions
(mostly by email). This amounts to a few hours a week at most. You will also be
an “insider”, with input (and a vote) on what the USA is doing.

You do not have to go to the National Unicycling Convention (though we hope you
will want to).

Outgoing USA Vice President Andy Cotter is a professional Microsoft Access
programmer, and has built the USA Member Database Application to be
user-friendly and easy. Mostly you fill in a lot of blanks. He will be available
to help you get started and to answer questions.

If you would like to get involved in directly promoting the sport of unicycling
on a large scale, this is your chance to get involved. Please reply to Andy and
me (hit Reply All and remove the Unicycling address) if you are interested and
would like to know more.

Stay on top, John Foss President, Unicycling Society of America Director,
International Unicycling Federation (reply to jfoss@unicycling.com)