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Hi Jeff.

Thanks for your note. Next week we’re planning to announce a Coker
brake assembly for the non-welder. Installation takes about an hour for
the novice, less if you have bike shop experience.

My current Coker brake uses a standard brake lever, but I tried Andy
Cotter’s drag brake and liked it better. We’ll have both versions

We’ve also ordered a supply of control stems (Coker extensions) from
Paul Wyganowski, and will announce availability at a later date on this
forum. At first glance, it seemed like something that might get in the
way during a UPD, but after trying it, it felt more like the support
structure for a complete control panel. (Can you say cockpit?) Andy’s
modified Coker is state-of-the-art.

Best regards,

John Drummond


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Hi all,
I was looking through John Foss’ album of NUC 2001 and found a picture
John Drummond’s Coker. (sorry I don’t have a direct link, but it’s
www.unicycling.com, click photo albums, then unicycle conventions then
NUC '01). Anyway, I see that his Coker is setup with a v-brake and
standard brake lever. John (Drummond), do you prefer this type of brake
over a “drag brake” like most Coker riders use? Also, how do you reach
the lever? It seems to be hard to reach. I understand using this setup
for muni, but it is the only Coker I have seen without a shifter lever
instead of the standard brake lever.

Jeff T.

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