Fw: unicycle.com + Nimbus II + Unicon 11

> Ah hmmm…this isn’t exactly a conspiracy.
> We’ve been here in the Seattle area since July 18 for the NAUCC and Unicon
> 11. This has been the pinnacle of our many experiences with the
> community, and there’s more to come. We’re here as attendees, admirers,
> competitors and as a vendor. What a thrill it was to ride in the downtown
> Seattle Torchlight parade with the finest unicyclists in the world. We’ve
> marveled at the talent and dedication we’ve seen here. The obvious
> barriers have been bridged by a strong desire to communicate, and with a
> little help from expert translators like Jack Halpern and Steve Dressler.
> We have many friends to thank for all their help with running our ‘booth’
> and helping fellow unicyclists with repairs, including our UK partner
> Davies, John/Jacquie Foss, Dustin Kelm, Scott/Jody/Hope/Thad/Simon Arnold,
> Max Dingeman, and Bill Heaton, and others who kindly appear to help load
> unload equipment. There’s an entire group of unsung heroes who run the
> convention. They wear red polo shirts with their names embroidered on the
> chest, and they’re always available and always eager to help. They are
> many to mention, but they know how grateful we are.
> The Yuni (aka Nimbus II) frames arrived last week. Our staff back home
> (Rebecca and Jordan) are managing well, and have promised to get the
> to our photographer so we can list them in our online catalog. Amy and I
> appreciate your patience during these two weeks while we meet in North
> Issaquah and Snoqualmie Pass with those we admire as heroes in unicycling.
> -John
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> > Who here finds themselves thinking the following constantly?
> > “Damn, I know unicycle.com has the Nimbus II shipment in, and they
> > haven’t posted anything yet because they want to wait until they get
> > back for the high demand on orders that will be placed.”
> > Please tell me I’m not the only one?
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Many thanks for your update on the Nimbus II AND the update on the happenings in Seattle. There are a lot of us that are living vicariously through your (and others’) reports. But, watchout for those seagulls at the Ivar’s near the ferry dock!

From a customer’s perspective, Jordan and Rebbeca are doing a good job in your absence. I’ve had several opportunities to deal with them during the last couple of weeks and they are always on top of their game with whatever I need (information or product).

Thumbs-up from the trenches.

I’ve also dealt with Rebecca over the past few weeks and was very satisfied.

Thanks once again John. I can’t ride for another 6-8 weeks anyway, so being patient isn’t a problem with me. :slight_smile:

Just for information to those looking for the Nimbus II, it appears to be available now as a Yuni off-road unicycle at unicycle.com. It also appears that the frame will cost about $66 after considering the other components deducted from the overall price. Wasn’t that frame $40 from GB? Just curious.

It appears that the frames aren’t for sale officially yet. I believe they’re just setting up the site, and are still waiting on pictures.

Pictures or no, I think I’m going to order up one of the Yuni trials unicycles on Friday (if money permits). I did get to play with one at UNICON, though. Keith from Arizuni got one of the first ones there.

I their working on getting pictures up. If you need to see a pic, I noticed in one of Harper’s gallery shots from the MUni events there is a pic of Ashley (can’t remember her last name) and Keith and Ashley is riding his Yuni…


I don’t think you can follow the math that literally. I’m sure there is cost for the assembly built into any package deal, you can’t just add up all of the individual component prices. As with anything, I’m sure you can get it cheaper by buying all the parts and building it yourself. But, isn’t it worth $25 to have the pros put it all together with all their nice tools? Plus there might be different import/export costs for that frame in the U.S.

What assembly? My Coker came somewhat un-assembled. Sure, I think at this time I’ll have my wheel built, but I can bolt things up. You should re-check anything pre-assembled anyway as all the screws or bolts are never as tight as they should be. I’ll save my dollars where I can and spend them on better parts like a seat upgrade.

And pay to have your seat assembled?

Definitely. Ok, wheel and seat assembly. Those aren’t simply a bolt on operation. Then again, there are many of you who do your own seat assembly. Maybe it’d be worth doing it yourself. Save $25 here, $25 there. It all adds up.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with assembling it yourself if that’s what you want to do. I’m just now getting to the point where I would feel comfortable doing it myself.

I never had any problems with my cranks being loose until I took them off and put them back on myself. I think unicycle.com has a pneumatic press for stuff like this. I like that comfort factor where I probably won’t have any trouble with the unicycle until I take something apart myself.

I would guess the coker came unassembled just because it had to be.

Re: Fw: unicycle.com + Nimbus II + Unicon 11

trsrdr <trsrdr.8vyiz@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> Just for information to those looking for the Nimbus II, it appears to
> be available now as a Yuni off-road unicycle at unicycle.com. It also
> appears that the frame will cost about $66 after considering the other
> components deducted from the overall price. Wasn’t that frame $40 from
> GB? Just curious.

40 uk pounds maybe. Which is roughly the same as 66 usd, so about the same
price then:-) We DO NOT use dollars in Europe. Pounds, euros,
kroner… Not Dollars.


Unicon 11 ~ Washington USA.~ July 25 - Aug 2 2002
The world unicycle convention and championships.

Re: Re: Fw: unicycle.com + Nimbus II + Unicon 11

I think Tim instinctively converted the figure to the currencey of Imperial Capatalism, rather than the quaint local vernacular.

Last time I looked, Brittin was stubbornly NOT part of Europe, and was still using Sea Shells and Woad for barter. :wink:


Well now, as it turns out, the cost of the Nimbus II frame was about $40 plus a small amount to go to larger sizes. I ordered one with components and saved some money on the overall Yuni as advertised. Not a great deal, but some nonetheless. Thanks for the tip Christopher.

BTW, Sarah, if memory serves me, you were the one who said orange pekoe tea was vile and disgusting. I disagree, but tried some Earl Grey last night. It was different, not substantially, but different from orange pekoe. I enjoyed it for a change, but wouldn’t say it was significantly better than my usual. I only drink about 1/2 gallon or so a day; I do enjoy my “tea”. Maybe I didn’t prepare the Grey correctly, do you drink yours hot or cold. Last night, I tried it hot, which I thought proper. I’ll try cold as well.