Fw: Unicycle club to begin in NYC


We’re forwarding this note from Joe Merrill, a friend and fellow unicyclist in
the Big Apple. Based solely on location alone this meeting could set a new club
attendance record.

Regards, John Drummond

> We are three unicycle fanatics in Manhattan who would like to get together
> with other like-minded nuts. (Some peope don’t ride in January, not sure why
> Our first meet will be Saturday January 20th at 2:30pm at the central
> park bandshell. Details in the original email below.
> I sent the invitation below to NYC locals a few days back. However, I
> to get the word out as widely as possible so I am re-sending this to all
> NJ, and CT enthusiasts to see what kind interest is out there. (I figured that
> if you posted your email address on unicycling.org, then you are an
> enthusiast). So if you wouldn’t mind responding, I’m looking for some basic
> feedback:
> 1. Interested but not now, maybe later.
> 2. I will attend. Keep me posted on the details. 3 Not interested. Please
> remove me from the mailing list.
> 4. Email addresses of others who might be interested.
> 5. Questions/comments/suggestions.
> We will try to bring a few extra uni’s to make it even more interesting:
> child’s uni, 6 foot giraffe, 36 inch wheel, etc. Hope to hear from you
> either way!
> Joe Merrill
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Hello, fellow unicycle enthusiasts. We are starting a Unicycling Club in
> and would love you to join us at our first meet. We have four goals:
> * Instruction and practice in unicycling for beginners and intermediates
> * Riding through Central Park over various trails and around the Loop
> * Muni (‘mountain unicycling’) rides over off-road bike trails
> * FUN!!
> FAQs: WHEN: We plan to meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 2:30-6:30.
> First meet will be Saturday January 20th at 2:30 pm, weather permitting.
> WHERE: Initially we plan to meet at Central Park’s Bandshell (e-mail us if you
> need directions). Eventually we hope to have an indoor venue.
> WHAT TO BRING: (1) If you have one, bring your uni, but we have a few extra on
> hand, so e-mail if you need to borrow. (2) Suggested items: Wrist guards, knee
> pads, a helmet – it depends on what you plan to do.
> WHO ARE WE: David Stone, 34, riding for 21 years. John Stone, 30, riding for
> 20 years. Joe Merrill, 37 riding for 22 years. All of us live in NYC.
> HOW MUCH: Free.
> If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at the following
> e-addresses: dstone@packer.edu jqs9979@nyu.edu nycjoe@aol.com
> We hope to see you soon! And tell a friend!
> David, John, and Joe.