FW: Unicycle clips - really strange...


Tim Bustos sent me this URL, which tells about “Unicycle Baby Guy” with
animations. I have been unable to get either of my browsers to play it
yet, but it looks very interesting!


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“Gilby” Gilbertson

Weird, very weird. It is this person on a unicycle with a weird voice.(Hard to explain)

I got it to work on my computer, running Mac OS 9.04 using Micro$oft Internet Explorer 5.

Make sure you have a newer version of QuicktimeQuicktime
They also used a fancy shell for the movie, it has a “wrapper” of sorts. The movie size is actually quite small.

Caleb Penner

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very cool,i cant wait for episode’s 4,5,6

the unicyclers in the video are very good at still-standing.

wooooo chhhhaaaaaaaa