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After my previous post, related to the rules of basketball in unicycles, I
received two observation.

  1. Regarding that the equivalent to two steps allowed (without travelling being
    called) is two half revolutions and not two full revolutions, it was
    suggested that it is not enough in a fast break. In primitive basketball, aka
    conventional basketball, almost three steps are allowed, the third one being
    the jump, as long as you throw or pass the ball. In other words, in
    conventional basketball you do not have to get rid of the ball when you
    complete two steps, but before you complete the third, that is, when your
    feet touches the ground again. So, to keep the strides that the players are
    accustomed to, they must get rid of the ball before completing the third half
    revolution, not when completing the second. We tried that, and it seems about
    right. I would appreciate it if interested parties try it and then comment.

  2. It was suggested that when jumping off the unicycle, to slam the ball or to
    block a shot, you perform some of the most exciting and crowd pleasing
    plays. It was agreed that the abandoned unicycle is extremely dangerous in
    crowded area. The point is that the fault is to do it when you may put
    somebody else at risk, but why penalize when you are all by yourself. The
    suggestion is to allow the play, but to have the refferee call a technical
    foul if, in his appreciation, the rider put somebody in risk by voluntarily
    abandoning the unicycle.

Please comment.

Important but not included in the previous E-Mail is to limit the size of the
unicycle wheel to not more than 24" wheel. the unicycle must be a standard
unicycle as defined.

Alberto Ruiz