FW: Trials at the NUC

I can only say : fantastic props. Basically a collection of wooden cubes,
V-shape obstacles, stools , palettes, a big articulated teeter-tooter and
even a bridge ! On Thursday, a wreck car was even brought to the course !

Kris wrote down some sample levels for given obstacles, which was good to
get an idea of the new levels. For instance going from the ground to the
top of the car was level U-6 (Kris actually did it, first pedal grabbing
the door, going to rubber and then pedal grabbing the top). Hopping a
serie of fallen stools on the middle was U-2 and going the same on the
stool edges was U-4. And so on.


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So how did the trials go at the NUC? Did the new rules get used and work
okay? What like were the courses? Any pictures?

As you might guess I’m keen to hear how it all went :wink: All feedback much