Fw: The Hoovers

A year ago I first read about the off-road unicyclists and thought it an extreme
sport. Then John Foss came to Atlanta for a visit and we went trail riding.
Actually, he rode and I mostly followed on foot, pushing my street cycle. During
a short ride I tried to dismount to avoid a large tree, but somehow managed to
‘coast’ right into it. Not a great start.

I had my first “mountain top experience” at the National Unicycle Convention in
July. Like dozens of other attendees, I rode a ski lift to the top of a peak at
Snoqualmie Pass. By the time I reached the top, lightning was striking very
close by. The park guys were anxious to unload the few reamaining passengers. I
had planned to wait inside the little booth and wait for the storm to let up.

In the lift car behind me was Nathan Hoover and his son, Beau. “What storm?”
they asked, and headed down the hill. I followed on a Hunter with a
3.-inch tire, borrowed from Daniel Hopkins, and had an exhilarating ride. I’ve
been hooked ever since.

I was impressed with Nathan’s skills, but more impressed with Beau. Here was a
7-year-old on a Miyata with a street tire, and he was fearless. He took the
rocks and rough terrian as well as any of us. At one point he had a spectacular
fall that made us wince, but Beau got up without a tear, caught his breath, and
jumped back on to finish the ride. He’s one tough kid.

It was one of those ‘peak’ (no pun intended) experiences that I’ll never
forget. Cheers to Nathan and Beau for furthering the sport of MUni. They’re a
class act.

-John at Unicycle.com