FW: Standing ovation for Lowell

Hi John,

> > Where did I read that the oldest guy to learn was 80 or 90 or something? I
> > couldn’t find it on the .org site…?

Here is a part of a message that John Drummond sent me about his oldest

Hello Lowell!

Thanks for your inspiring story. Our oldest customer bought his first unicycle
at age 84! We wish we had gotten his name, though; he bought it at last year’s
national convention and paid cash. Hopefully he’s riding around his

Just a point of interest.

     Lowell yoda@socket.net

> There was an article in one of the early Unicycling Society of America
> Newsletters where Bill Jenack wrote about a guy in his early 90’s learning to
> ride. This was probably when Bill was editor, 1974-77.
> You may also have read someone mentioning that article on the ng once upon
> a time…
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