FW: Reactions to Unicyclists

Alec Bateman on Wed, Mar 8, 1995 16:34 wrote:

>I’ve been following with some interest the discussion of the reactions
>get when they’re unicycling.

>Unfortunately, I also get some less friendly reactions, such as obscene
>gestures and less pleasant comments like “What the ---- is that?” or "What
>---- are you doing?" (fill in your favorite four letter word - the actual
>selection being more or less unimportant)

>Do other people get these reactions too?


… One reaction I got was a golf ball cruising past my left ear at however
many hundred miles per hour a driven golf ball moves. I probably should have
known better than to try to practice on a field that is specifically signposted:

Anyway there was no need for me to go and slap the irresponsible juvenile (not
that I would have anyway) but I didn’t need to because he virtually fainted when
the pitted missile passed so close to my head that I fell of my uni and he
thought I’d been hit. As I dusted myself off I watched the idiot 200yds away
slowly raise his head and see that I was actually OK.

Going back to what Peter Philip (peterp@foe.co.uk) wrote:

>My unicycling career (and my life) was nearly ended abruptly last year when I
>leant against a window while I was playing hockey on my uni and went straight
>through. I ended up with a large cut in my arm and a smaller one on my throat.
>I narrowly avoided having a skin graft and now all I have to show for it is a
>pretty scar, a mild phobia for windows

I’m just wondering what other life-threatening or even just pride threatening
accidents people have witnessed or experienced. I’m also into White-Water
Kayaking which I thought was pretty dengerous compared to UniCycling but I’m
beginning to wonder…Anybody care to share their experiences?

Garry garry.myles@mcl.co.uk