FW: One-footed wheel walk

I just tried out the one footed wheel walk and took note of what was happening
when I do it.

  1. The non active foot is waving in the air (helping with balance I guess)
  2. The active foot makes very little pushes - about 1/2 the length of my foot.
  3. That foot never leaves the tire but “glides” lightly back up to start over.
  4. Just go slow at first - as you get the hang of it you can make bigger pushes
    and glides.

Looks like you’re a fast learner. It took me months to WW and months more to
one foot WW.

Dirk Iwema - U.S.A. president

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One-footed wheel walk

I have just basically gotten a pretty solid hold on doing the two-footed wheel
walk ( I get at least 10m every time I have a good start, and usually around 20m
) and now I am trying to do the one-footed wheel walk but am having some
trouble. The first couple days I attempted it the wheel often just shot out from
under me when my foot picked up for the return stroke. Then I smartened up and
figured out that it’s probably easier to learn by putting your hibernating foot
on the tire as the active foot is coming back. Is this in fact the best way to
learn? With this technique I can only get about one stroke before I fall off.
Any other tips? ( cough John cough Ken :slight_smile: I know, I know, I should just be
more patient and it will evetually come. But gosh darnit! I’ve been patient for
the past couple weeks in learning regular wheel walk :slight_smile: Just think…if you
reply to this message with some decent advice, it may be used as the “One-footed
wheel walking How-to” for the skill level list :slight_smile:

Have a good day.

  • J. Alan Atherton