FW: No. California Unicycle Races, 5/17/98

Northern California unicyclists,

This is to make sure you go to the Cyclebration Classic this Sunday in Davis.
This is only the second time they’re doing unicycle events, and it was a lot of
fun last year. Come and be a part of this event, which is the only one of its
kind that I know of. Details below.

We will have our races, we’ll get to show off in the street, and there will be a
chance to see (and probably play with) a wide variety of different bicycle and
unicycle types. Last year it was a lot of informal fun, and showed off
unicycling in one of the nation’s great cycling cities.

This is also one of the few places you can go to see antique “penny farthing”
races (or ordinaries), and it’s really interesting to watch!

Also, due to the soggy weather we’ve been having, this will be a nice chance to
do some riding together, even if the trails are still total mud! Geoffrey
Faraghan and Nathan Hoover will try to make it from the Bay area, Brett
(Bloodman) Bymaster has just arrived in town and he’ll be there, and at least
one former world champion will be there.

DATE: Sunday, May 17 TIME: Arrive at 8:00. Racing starts by 9:00, and you will
need time to park, get signed up and be ready. EVENTS: The whole block will be
closed off from 9:00 to 11:00, so the long races will be held first. Unicycles
will race once around the block, probably also 100 meters, as well as a slow
race and the IUF Obstacle Course. If the street isn’t big enough, a custom
obstacle course will be used.

OTHER EVENTS: Antique and replica bike racing. Tricycle racing. Displays of
cycles of all shapes and sizes, including some neat unicycles we’ll be
bringing. Shows by the Diamondback Stunt Team at 12:00 and 3:00. Possible show
by John Foss. Exposure of unicycling in one of the most cycling-oriented cities
in the country!

AWARDS: When Tim says “cool” medals, he doesn’t mean the kind of awards that
were given out at the MUni Weekend. These are the real thing. Last year they
were specially made just for the Cyclebration, and they will be valuable
collectibles someday (we hope).

DIRECTIONS: Davis is on I-80, about 15 miles west of Sacramento. Exit 80 on
Richards Blvd. This is the first Davis exit if you’re coming from the SF area,
or the second if you’re coming from Sacramento. Take the exit or turn to go
north on Richards. You will pass under a railroad track, and come to a light.
If you turn sharp right there, you will reach a parking garage in a block or
two. You are basically in downtown Davis. If you’ve arrived early, you should
be able to find parking on the street. The unicyclists will gather on 3rd St.
between E and F.

>Once again, we will be holding the "Cyclebration Classic Antique Bicycle and
>Unicycle Races" in Davis California on May 17, 1998. This year, instead of
>being on the UC Davis campus, the event will be held in beautiful downtown
>Davis This will be a day long event scheduled as part of “National Bike Month”
>activities. Other attractions will include a tricycle race for the kiddies, a
>demonstration by the Diamondback BMX Stunt Team, displays of unusual bicycles
>and “whimsicals”, and an historical bike tour.

>Events for the unicycles will include the 400 meter race, a slow race, and the
>obstacle race, with really cool medals for ist, second, and 3rd place

>If you live anywhere near here, you should make a point of coming over and
>joining in on the fun. Think about it - we got permission to block off the
>streets for unicycles, so we want as big a showing as possible. For details
>please contact me at the address(es) below.

Tim Bustos, Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, ECI #560 City of Davis, Public Works
Department 23 Russell Boulevard, Davis, California 95616 TEL. - 530/757-5686;
FAX - 530/758-4738 E-mail: bikeczar@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us