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Hi Tim.

Thanks for your input. If you ever need to clarify information from our
Web site, just ask us. We’re fairly easy to get along with!

We often receive requests for new or unusual products. When enough
customers ask for the same thing, we order a small batch (usually a
dozen) to gauge interest. The KH36 frame was requested by several
riders; Kris Holm took the request to production, and we ordered a small

Small batch usually means a custom order from a small shop in the USA or
Canada. The cost of hand-building one unit is enormous. The cost to
build twelve is somewhat less per unit. When a product has mass appeal,
we get quotes from manufacturers in the Far East. Production costs
there are much lower, which is reflected in the retail price.

The Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers, though, usually won’t consider
an order of less than 500 units. That’s a huge commitment for any
company. There are fees for design and pre-production, prototyping,
inspection (air freight), rejection, revised designs, more prototyping,
etc. Kris Holm is very familiar with this process. The finished
product has to be right, and it has to be in demand. If done properly,
unicyclists get a great product at a fair price. Kris Holm unicycles
are a great value.

We maintain a pricing structure that enables us to compete vigorously in
the marketplace, and also to stay healthy as a company. Just keep in
mind that items like the Canadian-made KH Pro Series frames are
expensive because they’re hand-made in small quantities by craftsmen.
If enough demand is there, they can be mass-produced by machines.


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kh Coker frame=589x1.45=854.05 canadian plus all the shipping back and
forth It’s made in canada only available in the us ,thAT’S
CRAZY.figures eh
ah hell ,my sis bought a flyfishing rod for 900 used.that’s more
Does kh even ride a Coker ??Is the flat sloping crown for a reason?
I’m sorry I just can’t see why it’s so pricey ??Must be a typo in the ad
on unicycle .com??



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Thank’s for your input.I’d love to have a kh Coker .I’ll ride awhile on the so called junk.Maybe after some time riding I’ll come around to understand the need for such a frame and buy one.

Oh ya I ordered some stuff thru the local bike shop in Nelson,BC the other day,were all wondering why we haven’t heard back from you ,we got all the time in the world here, we use your web site and your 1-800,but were baffed at no replies,you must be busy eh,or are out of the parts ordered??Please let us know.