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> Hi Tony.
> I ride my Coker between 5 and 10 miles daily. The best case for the big wheel
> is speed. One of my routes is a 9-mile course with some pretty
> hills. They slow me down, but I can still complete it in an hour. I’m going
> fast but putting in half the effort of a smaller wheel. The
> speed can hurt more, though. I wear wrist guards and elbow pads.
> I can freemount the Coker easily now. The wheel is big enough to stay put
> while I jump up on it. It’s not like a small wheel, which rolls backward
> little when freemounting. John Foss is able to jump up and land his feet
> the pedals. I put one foot on, then jump up and land the other foot.
> The tire is huge, so you don’t feel road bumps liike on a smaller wheel. It’s
> easy to turn, you just need a larger area than you’re used to. And yes, I do
> enjoy the shock value!
> Talk to you soon, John
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> > > You know, I was just thinking about how the Coker seems to have
> > created a
> > > new category of rider. People who just like to cruise, and aren’t
> > > necessarily interested in some of the other “traditional” unicycle
> > > activities. The Coker allows them to actually get somewhere with a
> > little
> > > speed, and turn lots of heads in the process. I had no idea the
> > Cokers would
> > > be so popular.
> >
> > Coker riders, please enlighten me. What is so different about a Coker with a
> > 36-inch wheel than riding a unicycle with a 24 or 26-inch wheel? Granted,
> > one can go faster, but the laws of physics seem to dictate that a bigger
> > wheel will also present some challenges to one’s ability to quickly turn or
> > stop. Does the size of the wheel make bumps in the road less problematic for
> > riders? In other words, does the tire size have a shock-absorbing effect? Or
> > are there some other qualities about Cokers, like the ability to turn heads
> > because of their sheer size, that I’m missing? Aren’t they difficult to free
> > mount and to idle on?
> >
> > Tony
> >
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