future proof unicycling

I’ve been thinking about how much one wheeling relies upon fairly unconventional cycling equipment, eg: -

muni and 24" rims with 3" tyres

29-ing and giant 700c tyres

As far as I know 24" rims only exist because of downhill racing (and maybe childrens bikes).

If, for some reason, the supply of 3" tyres dried up, then 24" rim unis would be fairly useless for muni.

29-ing seems very relient on the continuing production of ‘Big Apple’ tyes, and I find it difficult to imagine them being much in demand for bicycles.

Hopefuily, these things, and more like them, will continue to be produced, but does anyone worry that in ten years time they’ll have dissapeared?

Re: future proof unicycling

Not at all. There will be much cooler stuff out by then!