Future of Unicycling.

Who do you think is the future of unicycling?

I think it is that kid from Universe 2, tyler cox, and Roger’s kids from unicycle.com

Any other young unicyclist yall think might make it pretty big?

Well it seems like this generation of kids doing trials and stunts is the first or second generation of unicyclists where trials is an established form of riding. I know there are plenty of riders in the 30+ age group that do stunts and trials, but i think the 15-25 year old riders who are really good at this stuff and doing new tricks and more extreme riding, I think when they (and I’m one of 'em) start having kids and teaching their kids to ride and have their own foundation in extreme unicycling, the new generation will start earlier, and grow faster.

And more of them.

Bruce Edwards and Mike Carroll are the future of unicycling.

My daughter Sophie is the future of unicycling. (She is almost 12, and she is fearless)

Re: Future of Unicycling.

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> Who do you think is the future of unicycling?
> I think it is that kid from Universe 2, tyler cox, and Roger’s kids from
> unicycle.com

I think that once the teens realise how daft it all is, they will flock to
do trials and such.

I just hope we can keep it’s reputation clean then.


Damn Straight we are. And in this future we will have flying unicycles and rocket boots. What Greg doesnt tell you is that he already has these things hiding away in his garage and is just holding out on us. I may be part of the future but its guys like Greg Harper who give us the tools we need to make that next step forward. I believe this is best seen through his fashion sense as in the future everyone will wear their hair in long ponytails because when it just looks so damn cool when your blasting around with your rocket boots*

** Sorry Bruce if I’ve given away any secrets of the future to these past dwellers


the future? how about a pogo stick frame on a trials wheel??

Hmm. Isn’t that what the KH24 MUni is?

Someone should fix a set of handlebars to a seatpost, then ride around like that, with no seat. You could do super mega seat out hops and unispins :open_mouth:

that almost seems like it owuld be easier to ride. hmmm I might have to try it.


E39m5, do you mean something like this?


It makes you legs hurt, I used to ride one like that 10 years ago, I got bored of having bruised knees. Occasionally at Juggling do’s I would use it in the unicycle race to stop me winning by quite so much;-)
It was nicknamed “the beast”.


Or also in this thread.


ha, i just tried taking my saddle out from under me, it was instafall


That’s the past of unicycling, dating from the 1870s. Seats came later, after they got used to the idea that you could ride on one wheel. It must have been even later than that when they realized they didn’t need the handlebars any more.

For the future, I look forward to more “road” unicycles with big wheels. More geared hub unicycles. Increasing popularity of MUni and Trials (and Street) riding, leading to a gradual acceptance of unicycling as something more like skateboarding and less like a clown activity.

But I believe the majority of the population will always say they could never do it.

The future is more people being exposed to unicycling and getting to see what is possible. With this Internet thing more people can look up unicycling and see that you can do more than just wobble around riding forwards.

My big limitation when I learned how to ride back in the early '80s is that I never knew or saw any other unicyclists. I didn’t see anyone to inspire me to do more than just ride forwards and idle. I never advanced skillwise until about '97 when I picked up unicycling again and bought a Pashley MUni.

So I see more young people getting more exposed to unicycling and being inspired by what they see. That will lead to people learning more skills and learning those skills faster. It makes a big difference when you realize that normal people can learn these skills. When I was young I thought it was just professional entertainers who train and practice constantly who could learn and do the fancy things.

Thanks for thinking of me for the future of unicycling! I figure at this rate by the time I’m less than 20 years old I’ll be level 10. I’m really thankful for learning at such a young age or else all the learning would take much longer or not happen at all if I was like 40 or over.

Your welcome Tyler.

( CHeck your post messages Tyler.)

It’s a well known fact that you can’t learn any new skills once you’re over 40. Might as well just stop living at that point. One of these days I’m going to have to put Harper out of his misery. He keeps trying to learn something new.

I’m not 40 yet so I’ve still got time. I’d better perfect my 1 ft wheel walking and learn to glide before then. Otherwise I’m toast.