Future of KH hub/cranks?

The KH seems to be the best option for everyone who is going ‘big’ in the $ : Strength ratio

But only 145 or 170?

With the popularity of this model, can we expect to see the cranks come in ALL typical sizes?

Sofa - contimplating KH cranks (but not quite a dirty sell-out…yet. however, if they were to come in 160’s? hmmm)

Let me add more questions about the future of the KH hub/crankset.

Are they 145 or 140? Unicycle.com lists them as 140…

Somebody mentioned that the cranks were going to be re-worked so they didn’t have the nubbin that cracks you on the ankles. Anybody know any info about that? When can we get those version 2.0 cranks?

I keep saying 145. sorry

Re: Future of KH hub/cranks?

Minor correction- they come in 140 or 170, currently.

What if I did 130’s and 160’s?

Note that changes take a while- if I started right away on this there wouldn’t be anything until 2004, probably.


Re: Re: Future of KH hub/cranks?

Then I’d have to get them both :frowning:

Thanks for thinking of us little guys, Kris

This is something that I have occasionally pondered regarding splined cranks on the muni… for my riding, 140mm is too short, and 170mm is too long.

A crank of between 150-160mm would indeed be excellent…


They are 140.

The manufacturer has apparently just shipped me a protoype without the nubbin (haven’t got it yet). I’ve also heard of one person grinding it off. An easier solution is just to get bigger pedals so you have more room to play around with. I also bash my ankle bones on Profiles occasionally so I don’t think that getting rid of the nubbin will fix this problem completely though. Best to just wear ankle bone protection.

I’ll start working on doing 130’s and something between 150 and 160. Maybe 155mm


That is just too cool. Someone posts a need/want and within an hour a “manufacture” of the product says he will see what he can do about getting this as an option. Not many other sports were you have this kind of access. I certainly would buy some 155’s for my KH24 if they were available. I ride a lot on the road/paved trails and wouldn’t mind the extra speed. Kris are you going to the NAUCC? Sure wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to meet you.

155mm sounds perfect to me. Does anyone else here like 155’s?


There are also devices called, I believe, “pedal extenders”, or “knee savers”, that go between the pedal and crank. Has any one ever tried these on a uni? They are probably close to 12mm thick, though.

I don’t have an pedal handy to measure the thread length, but I would guess a washer about 2mm thick would help a bit without compromising strength.

Unicycle.com carries them

another great idea out of Gresham,i dont know why this hasnt been thought of before :thinking: my Summit is coming today,im going to look for some washers right now.

Dang you jagur…they had to wait to restock for mine…i am not getting mine till tmrw and i ordered it the 12th…they shipped it yesterday. oh ya and your info about no more is false they got in a whole new shipment yesterday.

I’d go for the 155mm.
Kris-Is the spline ISIS or is it of your own design?

It’s not ISIS, nor is it my original design. For a good quality crank and hubset that’s not too expensive, it’s best to go with one of the standard BMX spline patterns and crank arm designs.


i warned you,those last 9 must have gone quick.

as for my info,i was talking of the ones in stock,the ones sitting on the self at uni.com.not the ones sitting in a harbor some where in the Bermuta triangle.

Re: Future of KH hub/cranks?

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> The manufacturer has apparently just shipped me a protoype without the
> nubbin (haven’t got it yet).


> I’ll start working on doing 130’s and something between 150 and 160.
> Maybe 155mm

You can write me down for a pair of nubbin-free 155mm cranks.
Lemme know when I can send Darren a cheque.

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I ordered mine way b4 you did… so they shouldn’t have had to restock.