Fusion or Miyata air seat?

I want to make an air seat, I currently have a KH seat on the unicycle I wish to do it to. I was wondering weather I should but all the Miyata components I would need to build it, or if i should buy a Fusion cover and make it out of my existing seat.

Has anyone made an air seat using the Fusion seat cover, is it any different that making one with a Miyata?

Does the Fusion cover fit on the old KH seats? I believe the Fusion seat is narrower up front to reduce leg rubbing and chafing. If that is the case, then the Fusion cover could be a tight fit on the old seats.

I’ve got the fusion cover on a KH Carbon seatbase. It should fit on an old plastic KH seat base too. The hard part is trimming the foam to fit with the narrower saddle cover. But if you’re converting to air, you don’t need to cut down the old foam anyway.

I use a cut down 1/2 foam conversion. Theres some pics half way down this page:

Good luck.


Personlally I’d go for the KH version- the handles are better and it’s a nicer shape. But with an airseat you probably don’t notice the shape as much. :stuck_out_tongue: