Fusion freeride saddle

Hey everyone, if you have a fusion freeride saddle laying around, ill be happy to buy it

I have an older style I’d be willing to part with…

1st picture speaks for itself

2nd picture is a slight almost tear

3rd picture is bottom to show the difference I found between the older saddle and the newer saddles seems that the bolts come out of seat instead of going in

KH saddle.jpg

KH saddle tear2.jpg

KH saddle bottom2.jpg

do you happen to know if this would work on the shadow handle?

I don’t know, hopefully someone can add that info for you or I’d suggest call UDC and ask them. I’m sure they would be able to tell you if no one else posts whether it would work with the shadow handle. Sorry I never used that handle.

wow, thing have sure changed

thanks, ill call tomorrow and let you know if id like to buy it