Fusion freeride: modification tutorial

Hey y’all, since this is about modifying a fusion freeride saddle, and not actual riding, I thought I should post it in RSU. This current mod has really made a big difference in adding comfort to long 36er rides, so I hope if you try it, you’ll like it as much as I do!:smiley:

I wanted to keep the process as simple as possible, and the materials are easy to get. You can basically use this mod for 36er and MUni, as I have. :)\

PS: See if you can guess what snippet of song I used at the very beginning that sounds like “Uni!” …more like UUUUUNNNNIIIIII! lol!

Bump. I forgot to add that you should wear a dust mask when filing the foam as the tiny pieces float in the air and you don’t want to breath them in! :astonished:

Not hard to guess the song you got the snippet from since it was hot during my high school days and unforgettable. . .Aaaaannd…you identify it in the closing credits!. . .By the way, all you do is deepen the groove, you don’t make it wider or bevel it or anything?

How much more comfortable is it then stock ?

25 % ? I know it is a hard thing to categorize. I would love to try different seats. I bet some will like it and some perhaps not.

Terry, off the subject, perhaps you could start a thread and give us your opinion on the big one. I think I read a while ago you got one, but then that you liked your radial better. Why ?, the specs for the alum Coker look pretty good on paper.

great tutorial. I think I’m gonna try it with my DX seat

Well, it’s just prefernce really. The Big one is a fine uni, and most ppl who own one like it a lot. I just prefer my radial, even though it’s a little heavier, it doesn’t seem to be an issure for me.:slight_smile:

Thanks Terry, your opinion means a lot around here

So it’s more emotional, you like the paint, look, or just something non specific about the radial. O. K., I can understand that. As a radial owner myself, I can’t really complain about mine. I guess I thought a stair hopping champ would maybe go on and on about the lightness, or maybe something broke on the big one. Thanks for the feed back.:slight_smile:

Good Video Terry! Thanks for the info!!

Np Jamey…your ankle doing better?

Great video - I plan to do this mod myself when I get my N36 with the Freeride in about two weeks. :slight_smile:

No, I actually finally went in and found out I broke a bone in my foot! :frowning: Luckily it’s just a small fracture (chip) and should only take 4 weeks to heal…but it’s cutting it really close for RTL! Also, the Coker handles should, I hope, be in towards the end of the week and I’ll let you know as soon as they come in.

That’s good news about your ankle getting better!

Btw, some ppl got their new handles like a week ago! Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be worth the extra wait!

hey great tutorial terry! I couldn’t hear it but i know its great!! i’ll watch it again with audio later.

Haha cool thanks.

Nimbus Gel

I have ordered a KH Freeride seat to have this modification. I have gone so far as to ask for minor surgery to remove unneeded soft tissue but my HMO says no way. Their suggestion is to put a regular bike seat on the unicycle and to put Crisco on my tender, sore bits. Ha-ha. Right.

Can I modify my Nimbus Gel seat this way? Would the “gel” inside hold a cut-out shape? I don’t really know what the gel is. I’ve thought about just cutting out a hole. I have to get off the unicycle every few minutes because my little fleshy crotch bits are on fire. I want to be able to ride for miles, but am really limited due this problem.