Fusion Freeride Air Saddle

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I got this saddle when i got my Nightrider, and i use them together, with a T7
heres my review:

First glance:
The second I tried out the saddle, under inflated and all, I noticed a huge difference. the comfort is astounding. The nightrider came with a nimbus gel saddle, and that’s what i have for a comparison point.

Price: $80
very high, given that you can buy a $16 air saddle, and do the conversion yourself. a little to spendy for most unicyclists, but if you going cross-country, or any distancing, comfort is #1. well worth it in my opinion.

Possibly the most comfortable saddle on the market, ready to buy. i cant say anything to custom built saddles, as everybody has personal preferences. i can compare it to (nimbus gel saddle,Torker LX saddle,KH fusion street, my friends saddle)

the seat uses a 4-bolt rectangular pillar bracket, which is the common bracket for most unicycles. (nimbus, holm, ect.) the only problem, and it is a bothersome one, is that with a T7 handle installed, the handle blocks access to the valve for most pumps. i say most because my small co2 pump can still barely fit*, with the T7’s handle in the way. i combat this problem by taking off the seat and pumping up to more than usual. i then get on, ride a bit, let out some air. ride a bit, let out air, until the seat is perfect. this is very annoying, bit its the only thing i can think to do. the other problem with t7 is that the seat uses a string to pull the cover tightly over the seat. the bracket gets in the way of this, and one ends up having to have a loose seat cover.

*i am currently out of co2

Final Draw:
pros-- very comfortable, especially for long distance rides.
cons–expensive, not designed with T7 in mind.
the handle is worth it if you are planning a long distance ride,and need perfection, but otherwise–get the air pillow and do it yourself.

if anyone has their own solutions with the t7 and this seat, please post it.

I personally found the air pillow to be more annoying than helpful. I ended up taking the tube out of the air pillow and duct-taping it to the seat, although I’m probably going to switch to the KH Fusion Freestyle foam since I’m getting sick of the innertube shifting around.

I tried the whole air seat thing. My conclusion was that they suck and I would not suggest anyone buy one. I wrote about it in one of the air saddle threads in here somewhere.

I think at the very least though an air seat conversion for a unicycle like the LX is a quick and cheap way to make the saddle bearable.

the LX seat is the least comfortable seat i have ever sat in, so far.
so with that in mind, yes, i agree

my leaner saddle was more comfy than my airsaddle and that was horrible!

it can reduce the pressure on your package but then it increases the pressure on your bum and vice versa

I was very excited about air saddles when I first started riding, but then learned about wearing compression/bike shorts and had less trouble keeping the kids out of the way and staying comfortable. :astonished:

I still use the air saddles on both my freestyle and muni but just barely have any air in the freestyle, I think I could do without it at this point. I am looking forward to trying a seat with a ridge down the middle one of these days.

Also, I noticed Kris H. is now using allen bolts instead of cap nuts to attach the seat to the seat post. I’ve come to hate cap nuts as the carriage bolt it is attached to tends to eventually spin itself around so that the square cutout it fits into (keeping it from turning) becomes useless and you have to cut out the bolt. :angry: Anybody have an alternative that makes it easier to disassemble/assemble your seats?