Fusion Fabric Friction

I recently put a KH Fusion seat cover on my muni. The stretchy Kevlar style fabric on the nose of the saddle is causing some chafing problems. The fabric is too grabby and doesn’t let my legs and shorts slide smoothly when I stand up over the nose of the saddle to climb.

Anyone have any ideas to solve the problem? I was thinking that spraying something like clearcoat spray paint on the fabric might make it more slippery. Or maybe spraying something else on the fabric, but what?

Has anyone else experimented with solving the Fusion Fabric Friction problem?

sorry never had the problem myself…but maybe you can sew a patch of sorts over that is a different more slick fabric

I haven’t had this problem, but you might want to start with something less radical than spray paint, like Armor-All instead.

something i have that problem when i hop, (the up down motion).

maby you could take off the handel and sew a patch of something on it( as trials uni said)
hope that helps:)

Grow a callous.

I have that exact problem with virtually all unicycle seats. Not only does it wear ouit my inner thighs, but it wears big holes in whatever pants I’m wearing.

I’ve destroyed 7-8 pairs of shorts this way, by ripping out the inner legs from riding in them alot.

On longer rides I always wear tight lycra cycling shorts under whatever else I have on, instead of underwear.
You get the support, the padding and any rubbing that occurs will be between your baggies and the lycra rather than on your skin.
I dont know if some shorts are more slippery than others but mine are slicker than a greased weasel, it may be worth trying a few pairs.

Me too.

Are you sure you didnt just get a little chunky in the thighs during the winter;)


Try putting some section of pantyhose over the sticky part of the seat. It’s non-permanent and will give you some info as an experiment. I used black, nylon hose or pantyhose (doesn’t matter) to put over my giraffe saddle (SemCycle rubber air seat) and it worked very well allowing me to slide onto the saddle when freemounting rather than get stuck on the rubber by friction.

Brilliant Greg! That’s the kind of suggestion I was looking for. I can try that.

Now I just have to figure out how to get some hosiery without the clerk thinking I’m some kind of cross dressing unicyclist.

so what if he did? i’ve bought worse/weirder things. just pretend it’s for your wife(even if you don’t have one)

Tell them that you’re going to be robbing a bank. It could be less embarassing.

Tried it. Didn’t work.

I think I’ve figured out what was causing the chafing. It seems it was the edges of the seat handle causing the chafing and not necessarily the Fusion fabric.

My muni seat has a Kinport handle on it. The Kinport handle is rather squarish and sticks out from the seat base a bit. It didn’t bother me when I was using the Roach seat cover, but when I switched to the Fusion seat cover it caused some chafing.

Anyways, I got some hosiery for my cross-dressing muni. At first I had the hosiery covering just the fabric part of the KH Fusion seat cover (see the top half of the attached photo). The hosiery would just ride up and not stay in place on the nose of the saddle, and it didn’t solve the chafing problem. I flipped the hosiery around so it covered the Kinport handle (see the bottom half of the attached photo). Ah, that seems to have done the trick. So it must have been the edges of the Kinport handle causing the problems.

Strange that it was all good when I was using the old-school Roach seat cover. Then when I switched to a Fusion seat cover the Kinport handle started to rub me wrong. Must be because the Roach cover was loose and baggy while the KH Fusion cover is tight and snug.


has anyone ever tryed tape?

what kind of tape? like hockey tape? duct tape?

Caution tape, be careful.

My entire seat is old foam, and duct tape, and a shiny electircal tape cover:). It dont look pretty but its been to hell in a hand basket and its still askin for more!