[FurSale] Coker with V brakes

Yo Yo Yo,

My Coka is up fo sale

Its a remanufactured coker, With V brakes, Iv done 1.5ft drops and nothing happened. it has 110 cranks on it nowSPEEDY But there is no seat included.

How much are you planning to sell it for?

no less than 200(USD) = Shipping

You’re in southern California right?

I’m very interested if the wheel is in good condition. Can you tell me what the total would be with shipping to NJ? My zip code is 07621.
Sergio Geralnik

Hey I wouldd just like to say that Evan is not a good seller, he alread sold this to me and pdc, and he is extreamly flakey and unrelaible.


Well if he doesn’t weasel out on the deal it’s sold.

dude can u post a pic?

Sold to this guy i know in hollywood

Translation: “I could never seriously sell it, and lied, so I’m making up an excuse.”

No really, a guy from hollywood is driving up and picking up the coker on sunday afternoon