FURECUS 2005 - Fall Uni Rendezvous East/Central US

Check these trail reviews. Both get very high marks from Mountaing B*kers.
Fort Duffield Trail
Cherokee Trail

Also, Louisville KY is very centrally located for most of our typical attendees. We may even entice a few new riders.

6 hours from Pittsburg, PA
6 hours from Memphis, TN
6-3/4 hours from Atlanta, GA
4-1/2 hours from Sevierville, TN
4-1/2 hours from Crossville, TN

Unfortunately, Connecticut is way the h*ll up there.

What do you think? As for dates…toss some out there.


From Chicago area …

September 15-18. I already have that weekend off.:smiley: Planning ahead. With plenty of notice I may be able to switch it, but that would be the best dates for me.

I’m already back in school/teaching by September. How about June?

That would be SURECUS, :smiley: How do you pronounce that?

Much of June is fine by me. We’ll hold off on FURECUS.

JUne MUni

Kentucky MUnishine

I’ll post a thread with a different name and see who’s interested.

What’s the matter Tom, you don’t like SURECUS (CIRCUS).:smiley:

Re: FURECUS 2005 - Fall Uni Rendezvous East/Central US

It’s not up, up is north, we’s is mo east fom yall, at’s over there, that should have been “unfortunately, Connecticut is way the h*ll over there.”

It looks like 870 miles or 14-15 hours or one days travel. I’ll be there, where ever & whenever, last year was fun. Of course I’ll expect to see all those FURECUS shirts! :astonished: :sunglasses: :smiley:

Open dates for heading south…
June 3-5 and 10-12
Any weekend in September after Labor Day

At present, September is wide open for me. Will you be looking for a campground again like last year’s FURECUS?

Thanks for choosing a location that is more accessible to the northerners.


Been working on my calendar for this year. Good dates for me are:
August 19-21
August 26-28
All weekends in September. Avoid Labor Day Weekend, campgrounds turn into a zoo on that weekend!

If you are looking at August, I suggest a campground that offers reservations. Some campgrounds get full for the summer weekends. It would be a bummer to have people come and not be able to get a campsite.


Very good point. This will be a priority. TM