FURECUS 2004 Crash and Burn vid

I was playing with Movie Maker tonight and had some fun putting together a little video. This is my first attempt at an edited video. I didn’t add music because I thought some of the comments and sounds covered it pretty well.


Hope you enjoy it!


Bill…I love it! Before you even hit the ground…

“Did ya get it???”

Re: FURECUS 2004 Crash and Burn vid

That was a funny little vid, thanks.

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I figure it’s pretty clear that offroad unicycling is a stupid thing to do - joemarshall

Bill, what fun was THAT!!!

Thanks for the vid!!


odd movie

Can’t wait for Crash and Burn, Part 2.

I guess you had to be there. :smiley:

That had me cracking up. Especially Keith at the end! How did you manage to catch the one time I fell on video. That is amazing. When are we going to see a full release?

One? I thought you fell twice.

CD of of the clips are in the mail to you. You get to do the full release. :wink: