just thought people would like to know, i wheel walked into my friends cupboard last night. tim to be exact. sorry tim. it almost fell on me. oh well. no wheel walking indoors!


Hey do you live anywhere near the court house on market street? I gotta go there this Monday for Jury Duty.


hahahaha nice i put a huge hole in the wall in my hall with my pedal learning to wheel walk i filled it with glue from glue sticks and covered it with whiteout so my parents wouldnt find it which worked for a week untill i got the bright idea to put a poster over it but that made them a little suspicious why there was a moutain biking poster halfway up the wall so they found it and im still grounded.

The court house? Is that the Philly court (I think in city hall) or the federal court (I think thats like 5th or something). Anyways if you bring a uni we’ll ride with you.

so far i have been ok with wheel walking in my room (i removed the pedals after they took another bite at my already pink shins) i find barefoot actually helps quite alot, you get such a feel for the control of the wheel.
i dont make a habit of riding in my room after i was pissing about last year and thought taking all my points of contact off the uni but my arse would be a gd idea, the wooden bar around my cabin bed told me it wasnt a gd idea as i got left with a harry potter scar on my forehead for a month or so.

has anyone read that old article in MBUK about that trials ride who rose around his house all the time? your post about pedal holes reminded me of that one.

What size Uni is that you’re ww around in your house?

tis my 20" trials uni, i only have 2, 20" at the mo alas my 28" got folded like origami. im not that good at wheelwalking so i dont actually get thatfar around my house

I thought about bringing my uni, but i’m not sure if they let them on amtrak or septa trains. It’s on Market street near 30th street I think. I guess it’s the federal court house but i’m not sure.

If you know about the train thing I might bring my uni, I think I get like an hour off for lunch, so cool.


i have been riding in my room for ages i have got much better at wwing and i learnt to hop higher by hopping to my sofa in my room so now i can do benches. i also learned to ride in my kitchen so most of the cupboards had tyre marks all over them! and the fidge has a big dent in it o well!!! no trials at the mo tho my wheel set is busted and i am still waiting to order my new parts:-( but soon i will have a muni and a trials :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: mwhaaa now i can rule the mountains and the streets hopefully i will do more mountain work tho. :sunglasses:

My mom said no unicyclingin the house. :frowning: I want a really tiny one to ride around the house with. :smiley:

yeah my mum would probably have a fit if she saw me riding round the house, buts its so hard not to when my uni’s are kept in my room, mite have to try jumpin on sofas, sounds fun…

I do a little hopping in my own room. My sisters just ripped the carpet out of their room and they have ugly tile. My sister is learning to ride and was riding around in her room. I forget if my parents said no, or let her ride.

Ok, i’m wrong, it’s on the corner of 6th and market. I’m not gonna bring my unicycle, but at lunch time i’m gonna plan to go outside, if you know where the courthouse is be there if you get a chance and i’ll watch you ride and hang out for awhile.

First I have to get there though, could be a little bit of an adventure,


This thread is very funny:) I’d be interested in seeing the average amount of damage we do to our homes while “practicing” indoors, and who has the record for the most damage. I have five kids who ride. Momma gets a little testy at times with all the activity, banged walls and furniture. So we’ve sort of worked out a compromise. Not much riding while mom’s in the house. (Works for us)

yeah Nic (shadowuni) was riding my old 24" sun type he did pretty well but he didnt get far. He’s not good at the dismount he slammed right into the cuboard I thought it was going to fall but to my disapointment it did not he caught it. Well it would have made a mess if it did fall so that’s good.

When I was hopping in my house I started to fall over so I went for a counter hop right into the coffee table. It was okay after but it was one my dad made it has a base that’s not conected to the top with is 4" thick wood. It hurt. I nocked the top half way off and luckly stayed on. My mom who was right there and saw it simply said “Take it outside.”.

This thread is aptly named. It has two conversations going at the same time, but both are flourishing well. I’ve never seen a hijack turn out this way before.

You discussed this with mom? Or you figure no harm no foul?

care to make that a third paco? seeing as your last post didnt directly belong with either of the 2 conversations currently running? lol

yeah I know, i’ve been involved with some other hi jackings lately, but if I get to hang out with another unicyclist while serving jury duty, I think it’ll work out.