Funny zoo experience

Okay, I was at the zoo near here in Tacoma, and I brought my unicycle. We had just parked and we were going down a long paved trail down to the entrace and I was gliding down the decents past all the people. So we got to the bottom and took a pic when a zoo worker told me that I couldn’t have the uni inside the zoo, and also she told me that I had been “watched” ever since I started down the trail. She said that all the zoo workers were radioing each other on their walkie talkies saying things like “watch out for the a unicyclist” or “he’s pretty good” and stuff like that. She said that at least 5 zoo keepers radioed the entrance staff about it! I feel so famous! :smiley:


they were only scared that the uni would send the animals into fits on remembering their time in the circus. all the animals would become enraged and try to attack you.

Wow, where’d you find this thread? You must’ve been searching the long lost threads pages!

Ain’t that Point Defiance zoo? It’s in Ruston, not Tacoma.

Yea, it’s the Point Defiance. I’ve never heard of “Ruston” before so I always figured it was Tacoma. I guess I was wrong!

I hate to preach, but you really shouldn’t be riding your unicycle in the Zoo, it’s just not the place for it.

there must be some Gilby magic going on here. on the forum page it says this thread was started by Tylercox but click on it and its UniTyler.

Ruston is very close to Tacoma, so it’s easy to get confused. Oh, and Tacoma has the best pizza place I’ve ever been to: The Sound Pizza (or something like that), located on the verry steep south part of town, near the water.

Oh, and Catboy’s right, zoo’s are very dangerous, my sister once was mistaken for an escaped mountain goat and was shoved into a cage. Took forever to get her out again, and I still wonder, to this day, why we bothered.

Re: Funny zoo experience

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 01:21:53 -0500, “jagur” wrote:

>there must be some Gilby magic going on here. on the forum page it says
>this thread was started by Tylercox but click on it and its UniTyler.

Remarkable indeed. And if you click on the username tylercox it leads
to the profile of UniTyler.

Rest assured though jagur: on usenet (as long as it lasts) and its
archives (such as Google’s and mine) it will be tylercox forever who
started the thread. BUT! if you follow the link to tylercox’ profile
from the original post (so that’s the url that once lead to the
profile for tylercox), you find that you get to the profile for
UniTyler. It seems that somehow our little prolific writer is
half-renamed, half-new.

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point defiance? isn’t that a band from Universe 2: implosion factor? i think they did the song ‘While we still can’. from the MOAB section i think